Car Finder: An iPhone app for those of you who park miles away from an entrance

America is so big that an iPhone application like Car Finder [iTunes link] had to be written. You haven’t experienced American capitalism at its most sinister until you’ve walked from one end of a Super Wal-mart to the other. Such large abominations stocking goods produced in South Asia have parking lots that go farther than the eye can see. A 5 minute walk from your car to the front entrance is not anything new, and the fattest of the fat fuck families usually drop off Brother Bacon and Sister Soda Pop at the front anyway, while the person with the lowest BMI has to trek on a journey across a sea of Ford F150 pick up trucks to rejoin their obese offspring near the seated disabled greeter making less than minimum wage. Car Finder uses the iPhone’s GPS, compass, and camera, to help you find your car once you’re done paying for your weekly purchase of what is equivalent to the monthly dietary requirements of a family of 5 in Africa.

[Via: Cult of Mac]

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