Photo: In 2015 Nokia will try to remove 7 letters from the English alphabet

Fluffy public relations article was published in the Telegraph on Saturday. It talks about Nokia and how they think the future will look. In the concept photo that Nokia provided they managed to chop off a row of keys from the QWERTY keyboard. Looks like we’ll all be speaking this new Nokia version of English if they maintain today’s pace of producing 4 out of every 10 mobile phones.

[Hat tip to @samin and @panu]

  • Mark Osborne

    Will that mean that Nokia will be ok in 2015?

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      well played sir, well played.

  • wuf

    The one that types in pic is going to get someone killed. “Tapa” means “kill” in Finnish. Or maybe the 2015 story was not done by Finns…

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      In the photo credit it is specifically mentioned that the image was supplied by Nokia.

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