Video: Closer Look at the BlackBerry 9100 Stratus

For those who have been itching for an updated Pearl, you’ve probably already heard about the BlackBerry 9100 from the leak last week. The video was a little lackluster, but another has popped up, providing a full hardware and software tour. The style is notedly similar to the BlackBerry Storm2, and the 8520’s optical trackpad and seamless side buttons are there, but the Pearl 9100 (code-named Stratus) also brings some new features to the table, like a new style for the external speaker (single sound port along most of the bottom of the device) and revamped media controls on the top (also similar to the 8520 with track skip and pause/play, only in the usual single button style on everything since the first Storm).

In terms of specs, it’s so far running OS, has 256 MB of app memory, and a 3.2 megapixel camera. I’d like to hear more about the specific screen resolution and processor speed, but this is a pretty solid overview. Be sure to watch it before RIM rips this sucker down.

[via Salomondrin]

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