Native Nimbuzz for BlackBerry Released

Nimbuzz, a popular multi-client instant messaging application, has just announced a native app for BlackBerry. The usual suspects like AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, and Windows Live Messenger are present, but the addtions of Skype, MySpace, and Facebook chat make Nimbuzz a serious contender. Over the summer, they released an Android version, and has been on the iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Symbian for awhile, so there’s a lot of experience going behind the BlackBerry app. I presume “native” means that the app uses proper BlackBerry APIs rather than just being a run-of-the-mill Java app that can go anywhere, but it’s still a bit vague. You can download Nimbuzz for any device with OS 4.6 and up from the BlackBerry App World for free.

[via Nimbuzz]

  • acsteffy87

    uhm ive had this application for a while now

    • Simon Sage

      Updated. The real news is the “nativeness”, I gather. Are you seeing any big changes with the new version?

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