San Francisco may be the first city in America to require mobile phone radiation levels to be displayed

sarheadMobiles: Do they cause cancer, or are they harmless? Every few weeks a study comes out that says mobile phones will kill you and your sperm count, and then a few days later a paper gets published that says everything is groovy. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is proposing that you, the people, should be informed of the amount of radiation that mobile phones put out before you make a purchase. By FCC law no mobile device can exceed a SAR level of 1.6 watts per kilogram, but there are people out there, especially in San Francisco, who want to stay extraordinary healthy even though they smoke an amount of marijuana equivalent to the street value of an iPhone 3GS from Belgium on a near daily basis. Gavin proposes that his city be the first to advertise SAR levels on mobile phones sold in the retail channel, and that the numbers be published “next to each phone in a font at least as large as the price”. Stores should also train their employees so that they can relay information about SAR levels to customers, which should be quite funny since most people working in electronics retail are, how should I put this, about as dense as a black hole.

[Via: SF Gate]

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