Ford SYNC to Include Wi-Fi Sharing

 imageThe Ford sync had a big presence at last year’s CES, touting all sorts of connectivity, but one especially impressive feature is yet to come: mobile internet. Apparently the next version of sync will include communications to USB-connected mobile broadband modems, which would basically turn the car into a Wi-Fi hotspot on wheels. Now, it would be great if that included smartphones connecting via tethering, but anyone serious about mobile internet will already be packing an internet stick or MiFi. Forwards compatibility is a big part of Ford’s strategy here, presumably to ensure that the car’s mobile internet will still work when WiMAX or LTE modems become available.

The Chevy Volt is another car coming up that recently announced an iPhone and BlackBerry app. By the sounds of it, things are heating up on the automotive front to win the hearts and wallets of mobile enthusiasts; never mind who wins, I think we’re all interested in seeing what other tricks the big players have up their sleeves. For those sold on Ford, the updated sync should be available sometime next year. For a dull b-roll video demo, there’s one on YouTube.

[via PRNewswire]

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