Apple trademarks ‘iGuide’ brand, tablet rumors continue to swirl

As we close in on the rumored launch window for the Apple Tablet, speculation continues to swirl around the mythical slate-style computer. The last episode of the Apple Tablet Rumor Show had Apple considering the iSlate brand as the questionable name for its tablet device. In this episode, we’re hearing that there’s another possible trademark in the running for the tablet’s model name. MacRumors did some digging into trademarks linked to Apple, and they’ve found that the iPhone maker is tied to the “iGuide” user name. Tablet rumors being what they are, the “iGuide” could become the unfortunate name for the tablet. That is, more unfortunate than “iSlate.”

The iGuide trademark was made on behalf of Apple by iGuide Media, LLC., which is presumed to be a company solely concerned with filing trademarks for Apple. We know Apple is linked to the trademark because Apple Senior Trademark Specialist Regina Porter’s signatures grace the trademark documents. The description of the iGuide seems to fall in line with what we’d expect from an Apple tablet:

Computer hardware and computer software for accessing, browsing, searching, recording, organizing, storing, transmitting, receiving, manipulating, streaming, reproducing, playing, and reviewing audio, video, games, music, television, movies, photographs, and other multimedia content

Downloadable electronic publications in the nature of books, magazines, newsletters, journals, and blogs in the fields of entertainment, sports, science, history, culture, celebrities, news, current events, politics, technology, and education;

So, which would you prefer? iGuide? iSlate? We know, neither option is great, but at least one of them sucks less than the other. Not that it matters, of course, because people will buy the Apple tablet, regardless of an ugly model name.

Note: Image above is not real.

[Via: MacRumors]

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