Compal to ship 600,000 Palm Pixi phones in Q4 2009

Palm Pixi

It seems Palm or its carrier partners are not super enthused about the Pixi prospects. The once famous Treo maker has revised its order from Compal Communications, bringing the total number of units ordered from 800,000 to 600,000. The news comes from the Chinese-language Commercial Times, and somehow we believe them. Verizon, which seems as Palm’s big hope for the webOS device sales, is all about the Droids these days, and in that sense, we don’t see that many Pixis being moved. I really hope I’m wrong, as we need another strong player on the market…

[Via: DigiTimes]

  • James McP

    Verizon has delayed approving the Pixi for use on their network, according to, which has resulted in a reduced Pixi order. Not sure if it’s because Verizon wants customization of the Pixi or if Verizon’s signal tolerances are just that much tighter than Sprint.

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