Rumor of the Day: Google Nexus One Coming to AT&T?


Earlier today BGR reported a juicy rumor from an unnamed source. The rumor sheds some light on what could be another variant of the Google Nexus One coming down the pipe. This previously unheard of (and unlocked) version would go live on AT&T, and be compatible with their 3G network. Surely this would be good news for AT&T customers looking for a change… Although, if coverage and network performance are the main concern for you, changing from oh, lets say the iPhone to the new Nexus One may not be the best course of action.

Take this for what it is… an unconfirmed rumor. But still, one has to chalk it up as ‘interesting’ at the very least. As with all rumors, hold tight and the truth will come out. Google is holding an Android press event on the 5th, all should become clear in a few days 🙂

We’ll be covering the Nexus One announcement live, so be sure to check back on the 5th for all the Google/Android/Nexus One goodness you can handle.

  • jerry


    I am very interested in the Nexus One, but I am slightly offput by news of a *different* Nexus One to run on AT&T.

    This still leaves both Nexii and their owners effectively locked to the original carrier since switching carriers with the *other* phone leaves a bad 3G experience.

    Perhaps it’s time to start a website service that lets Nexii owners trade phones could be started, but I would have preferred one phone (call it the Nexus ONE) that would have cost a bit more money and be easily transferred between the GSM providers.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Blame T-Mobile for being a bunch of douche bags and deploying 3G on a frequency that no one else in the world has ever used. AT&T uses 850 MHz and 1900 MHz, which is still weird. Europe and Asia have defaulted on 2100 MHz.

      • jerry


        By any chance, do you know which frequencies 3G is on with T-Mobile in Europe? I would’ve hoped the two T-Mobiles would have compatible networks, voice and data.

        • Stefan Constantinescu

          Like I said, everyone in Europe does 2100 MHz. T-Mobile DE and Austria have much, much, much better networks than T-Mobile USA.

      • Me

        Stefan, your comment is misplaced. T-Mobile did not “choose” to use the 1700 AWS frequency for 3G; they had to. Decades ago, European and North American countries chose to reserve different frequencies for government and private cellular use. As a result, the 900 and 2100 MHz frequencies used by many European countries for 3G were never an option for T-Mobile. Nor were the 850/1900 frequencies that AT&T uses, because Verizon, AT&T, and several regional carriers bought all of the 850 spectrum.

        T-Mobile bid high for the 1700 in a special auction a couple years ago, and has used it for 3G because it was the only spectrum available, not because they wanted to be the odd man out.

  • just laughing

    Although, if coverage and network performance are the main concern for you, changing from oh, lets say the iPhone to the new Nexus One may not be the best course of action.


    So, since no one, other than AT&T Blackberry owners get it, maybe I can just explain this to you: If you have AT&T and have a device in say; Chicago or New York, the complaints don’t rain down unless it is an iPhone. Why? The way the data is absorbed by the iPhone. If you have never paid a bill to AT&T, you cannot look at your data usage a year ago when you might have had another device vs. the iPhone. If you don’t know this, you come off as someone who is uninformed, which works for Bill Burr, but if you aren’t he and you write a column for a website called into mobile, maybe some bit of homework would come in handy. Ask 10,000 Blackberry Bold users how their 3G connection is vs. the iPhone and see if the complaints are the same. I’m going to be the iPhone has something to do with these issues.

    All of this said, if the Nexus One is going to be a device available with AT&T’s 3G specs on it, then rock and roll, I’m getting one, removing my iPhone for a month and replacing it with the Nexus One and seeing if it is truly worth it…if not, hello EBAY and welcome back data hogging iPhone.

    By the way, at home, only use Wi-Fi…it just makes sense and there is no reason to complain about data if you are already paying someone a big lump of cash to bring internet to the home….get smart people!!!

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