T-Mobile Announces Completed 7.2 Mbps Upgrade, HSPA+ Next

One little tidbit coming out of the Nexus One announcement worth highlighting is that T-Mobile’s 7.2 Mbps network lengthy upgrade is complete as promised, and now they’re moving towards HSPA+ (21 Mbps). T-Mobile is still a far cry from competing with Verizon’s service and Sprint still has the 4G advantage with WiMAX, but it’s great progress and being the first to HSPA+ is definitely worth some bragging rights. A few casual N900 tests in New York City has confirmed the speeds for those with supporting hardware. The 21 Mbps upgrade should be completed by mid 2010, and is already started in Philadelphia.

[via PhoneScoop]

  • jerry

    So a Nexus One purchased tonight will get 7.2Mbps down?

    What other TMobile Android phones will benefit? X10 should it ever come out?

  • wirecup

    This T-mobile announcement seems to be saying that they will no longer be installing new 3-G networking at any speed, just HSPA+ upgrades to some current 7.2 3-G networks. Question is: What % of 3-G capable/access areas went to 7.2 HSPA? Their 3-G coverage installations never did have a public plan other than only the core part of any city getting 3-G (which cities?) would be covered. This has left many areas/cities/suburban parts of cities just with basic/2-G coverage, not unilateral 3-G coverage. Do not rely on the on-line T-Mobile coverage maps as these have been wrong many times. Check with your local retailer or friends for T-Mobile 3-G coverage in your area before purchase.

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