Zagat now reviews wireless networks too: Verizon is the best, followed by T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint

Zagat, a name many New Yorkers immediately associate with restaurant reviews, has stretched their field of expertise to cover the North American mobile operator space. In their first ever survey on wireless companies, 2,319 customers to asked to rate their operators based on several criteria such as voice quality, coverage, and the range of devices their operator provided. On a scale of 30 points Verizon Wireless scored the highest overall with 22 points, followed by T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint, who achieved 19, 18, and 18 respectively.

With regards to coverage the scores are Verizon: 26, Sprint: 18, AT&T: 18, T-Mobile 17. Reliability saw Verizon on top again with 26 points, T-mobile with 20 points, Sprint with 19 points, and AT&T last with 18 points. Who has the best rate plans? T-Mobile and Sprint tie for the top spot with 20 points, Verizon is next with 17 points and AT&T is last with only 14 points.

The average AT&T customer spends the most each month, an average of $85.12, followed by Verizon Wireless at $75.74, Sprint at $74.08 and T-Mobile is the cheapest at only $66.91. Would you recommend your current operator to friends and family? For Verizon customers the answer is 92% yes, Sprint and T-Mobile customers both said yes 79% of the time, and AT&T is last again with customers saying yes only 69% of the time. Not surprising considering the terrible reputation AT&T has after taking on the iPhone and failing to deliver an experience that even closely resembles reliable.

More stats can be found in this PDF.

  • chris

    theres alot of problems with doing surveys like this. for one most people dont know anything about their phones and their phone coverage
    and one important question i think they should ask is how long does it take to get a txt messages?
    i currently have atat and txt message only from VERIZON takes years to get to me (1 minute to 45 minutes) or not at all
    every other networksworks perfect (5 secs)
    ive tested it with my friends phones who have sprint and tmobile they both also have problems with txt messages to verzion
    and its really been pissing me off why does no one not notice this

  • Lindsay

    I have been a dedicated Altell customer for 20 years. Then Verizon bought them. Right when that happened, my altell phone stopped working correctly and would freeze, etc. Verizon sent me a re-furbished replacement of the same phone. It didn’t work. Spoke with someone again in customer service who sent me another refurbished of the same model. I was told by this person that if the 2nd phone didn’t work, to call and they would send me an equivalent BRAND NEW phone (and even gave me choices). The 2nd phone came and didn’t work. I proceeded to call just to have the “supervisor” tell me they would not send me a new phone..but another refurbished. Customer Service is inconsistent. When I recieved the first 2 refurbished, I took them to a Verizon store to get my numbers transferred…they did not mention a charge. I finally recieve the 3rd phone that WORKS!!! A miracle. I take it to a store and they are now telling me there is a $15 change to transfer. WTF! I take it to another store, where they tell me it is $10 to transfer. The guy was called me rude and I stormed out. Their phones/service might be good but the lack of customer service isn’t worth it.

    Not to mention, while on the phone with a representative, there was someone listening in with the phone on mute. Be careful what you say when they put you on “hold”.


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