Google drops Nexus One upgrade price by $100, offers refunds

nexus-one-price-dropT-Mobile Google has dropped the upgrade price of the Nexus One to $279, which is $100 cheaper than the previous price of $379. Google and T-Mobile have been hit with some harsh criticism from Nexus One customers upset over slow-to-respond customer service and unreliable T-Mobile 3G service leading up to T-Mobile’s not-so-coincidental decision to slash $100 of the price of a Nexus One for T-Mobile customers looking to upgrade their phones. Effective January 14, T-Mobile Google will charge upgrade eligible customers just $279 for a Nexus One. The company will also be issuing $100 refunds to any T-Mobile customer who upgraded to a Nexus One at the previous $379 price point.

If you paid $379 for your Nexus One, you’re 1) obviously an existing T-Mobile customer who upgraded to the Nexus One and 2) due for a $100 refund. Anyone who upgraded to a Nexus One prior to Jan. 14th will receive their $100 refund within 14 business days. The Nexus One is available for $579 unlocked or $179 with a new 2-year T-Mobile contract. Only existing T-Mobile customers who were eligible for an upgrade were given the $379 price.

As the commenter below pointed out, Google is dropping the price, not T-Mobile. Our bad.

[Via: TmoNews]

  • hayy!

    incorrect…everything is GOOGLE not TMOBILE. TMOBILE does not sell the phone nor has anything to do with it except the service…GOOGLE is refunding and GOOGLE has dropped the price..

  • Brains

    Still not doing it. If it was 100 or 150, I’d upgrade from my G1 – but 279 is too much.

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