Rumor: HTC Supersonic: The first Sprint WiMAX phone? [Android powered, 4.3 inch screen]

Engadget has a trusted source that’s telling them HTC is going to be releasing a new phone this year that runs on Sprint’s WiMAX network. It’s supposed to have a 4.3 inch screen, be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, run Android 2.1 with HTC’s Sense UI enhancements, and for some strange reason it has a kickstand. Making a WiMAX phone will be tricky; it’s very, very, very new technology. GSM has 80% of mobile telecommunications market share, and CDMA has the rest, so why is Sprint barking up the “I have special needs” tree is beyond me.

With Verizon promising to launch LTE in 2010, and AT&T saying 2011, what’s the point of releasing a WiMAX smartphone just to have the title of “fastest mobile broadband in your pocket” for a handful of months? If I was a Sprint shareholder I’d be firebombing Dan Hesse’s house right now.

  • jackson

    Are you real dumb or something? Ok bud LTE vs. WiMAX go do your homework and get back to me. WiMAX and LTE are almost identical alright, There are a few minor differences and WiMAX already has the advantage as it is being releases first and at this time is far more advanced. Across the U.S. wimax has been taken on by large service privders such as Comcast and it soon will be deployed everywhere, you know before LTE is even available. I suggest you go “bark up another tree” and find some hard solid facts other than your Verizon fanboy OPINIONS.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      I’d like to hear your argument that WiMAX is “far more advanced” than LTE because if that was the case then why don’t we hear about WiMAX deployments all over the world?

  • TK

    its always the arguments between lte and wimax…
    just get on with it and provide the users with good service..

    it doesnt matter which is more advanced..the way i see it its just because lte can be built on top of most of the existing network that is why its deployed by more operators..

    tech wise both is new…

    anyway this article is biased towards certain operator and tech..

  • JS

    Will this phone still work with the current EVDO network when wimax is not available? If so, than I would love to have it. Much larger screen, faster processor, Android 2.1. Why not!?

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      No one knows yet, we’ll just have to wait!

  • Cletus Delroy Spuckler

    Dear Stephan,

    Here’s something to think about.

    Traditional telephony (i.e. the old line telcos) have a long history of closed, proprietary, costly networks. In the past (and perhaps still), their idea of competition meant in the congress, state houses, and court rooms of America (see the recent Apple IPhone/AT&T/Google voice debacle). Only when forced to compete do we finally get something remotely resembling high speed, open, networks. If not for the cable companies, we would still be using dial-up @ 22Kb. Now that Wimax is getting some traction, we’re starting to see a drop in 3G prices and a slight opening up of the network. Soon we’ll use the wireless networks the way we use our internet at home. Increasingly, we’ll see more VOIP phones for Wimax/Wifi and then, finally, the 100 year old grip will be broken; no more artificially high prices for something we do virtually for free on the internet at home. Given this, let us root for Wimax and its quick and successful deployment. If for nothing else, to insure that we get more true competition, innovation, open networks, and price drops.

    My $0.02

    Be well.

  • Garry

    Not sure why this has not already been done- Sprint has had 4G in Baltimore for quite a while, if they had a 4g based phone I would have switched a while back- certainly one of these guys (HTC, Samsung, etc) can take the electronics in the litle 4g usb dongle and stick it in a phone. If you are going to go w WiMax to get a years head-start on LTE deployments- then gotta have multiple devices/form factors that can use the 4g for that year….not just a laptop dongle.

    • To Do List

      It's not Sprint that had 4G in Baltimore, it was Clearwire.

  • Terry

    I really hope everyone that is commenting is researching the facts before typing. And by the looks of it, some of you even the author is not. Wimax and LTE runs off the same networks. Without the Wimax network, LTE will be more years of then expected. The facts are the same company that makes the WIMAX chips made the backdoor chips for LTE. Let me put this is simple terms. They are backwards and forwards compatible. That is why it was such a investment for Sprint and Clearwire to own the network. Research the newtork info then make an informed choice. Bottomline, the newtork is owned by Clearwire/Sprint. Verizon & AT&T will battle like all companies should to keep there customers. Four carriers, same services, different marketing. Come on people, be wiser consumers. & for the record if anyone wants to argue these facts, i been working for Clearwire for 3 years now. Name a LTE tower or tester you know.

  • John

    I tested both Wimax & LTE (for a big name equipment provider), both in lab & on Towers. Performance is similar, a user would never see, hear or feel the difference. Users will still be impacted by the usual: RF Coverage, Rate Plans, and the getting device you like (variety & selection). There are always the early adopter who push tech forward, thank you CW. Now 5G … what could it be?

    • Matt

      330Mbps WiMAX 2 mobile broadband max data link speed topping 1Tbps

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