Video: Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus has some extra horsepower compared to Sprint’s Pre

The Verizon Palm Pre Plus has twice the RAM as Sprint’s Pre, double the storage space, and it lacks a home key. What sort of performance improvement can Verizon customers expect with all that RAM? In this video, done by Dieter Bohn from Pre|Central, he demonstrates how on Sprint’s Pre he can only run 13 applications, while Verizon’s Pre Plus can run 50. Now that’s a bit absurd, really, since most people will never have more than 5 applications open at one time, but it shows just how impressive a little bit of RAM can make an already incredible device.

An open question: would you call the Palm Pre a success? How many have you seen in the wild? Do you know anyone who has one? Do you have one?

[Via: Engadget]

  • intomobilepov

    Palm Pre was predicted to have failed 3 months after it’s release last year in June. But it didn’t. It survived and jost got stronger and better; enough to compete along side with the top smartphone competitors. Palm went from being the first smartphone to include free turn-by-turn GPS navigation software to officially offering Bluetooth and WiFi routing/hotspot capability. Palm now supports 3D hardware acceleration with a considerable growing list of apps for a 1st generation model. They went from 40 million potential subscribers through Sprint, to now another 80 million potential subscribers through Verizon, and soon AT&T with yet another 80 million potential subscribers! No doubt, palm is a success and will continue to be.

  • Kevin

    I have several friends and family with both Pre and Pixis. They like them a lot.

    Powerful but easy to learn and use. Thinking it’ll be the best smartphone for my non-techie wife on Verizon.

    Also, you can create programs yourself online using the Palm Ares web-based SDK. That appeals to new programmers. No restrictions.

  • Nate

    I have a Palm Pre but I don’t know anybody else that does. I thought/hoped that the Pre would do better than it has. I love the phone and with the latest WebOS updates, it is only getting better. I wish that WebOS based phones would get as much if not more attention than Android based phones.

  • James

    My wife and I both have Pres and several people I know have them as well. The first shipment had some quality issues that drove a few people away but mine’s been excellent.

    Sprint has been the biggest problem because many people have a hatred of them dating back to the early 90s. (My bad carrier experience was with AT&T during the Cingular acquisition, so the iPhone is off my plate)

    I love the usability of the Pre. Admittedly, a lot of the functionality I love was unlocked by the homebrew community. The masses that don’t find the or trust the homebrew community didn’t have the same experience I did.

    But now that Palm is adding a mechanism for beta/unofficial/unvetted apps to be visible and installed through the App catalog, PreWare and many, many tweaks will be available to all.

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