Microsoft not paying developers who’ve sold their applications via Marketplace Mobile

Microsoft’s app store, or as they like to call it “Windows Marketplace for Mobile”, isn’t the prettiest girl on the block, to be honest she’s the girl that sits on the corner of the intersection next to a construction site and a meat packing factory. Aesthetics aside, it did what it was intended to do and give consumers a place to find a sizable collection of applications, and it let developers sell their apps and keep 70% of whatever they felt like charging.

But then something happened, Microsoft forgot to pay developers. To get paid your application needs to first make $200 and then Microsoft will give you your loot, but developers who’ve been using Marketplace for Mobile since it opened last October have yet to receive anything. Developers who’ve made thousands of dollars are still waiting for their payday too. Ars.Technica tried to get to the bottom of this and called Microsoft, and their answer was blah blah blah read the fucking manual.

Not looking good, especially since Microsoft prides themselves on the fantastic developer ecosystem they’ve built. Here is hoping this gets sorted by Mobile World Congress, and if not then by MIX 10.

  • Katie Mansfield

    There won’t be many pay-outs anyway, as very few devs make enough from Microsoft’s Mobile Marketplace to pay back the $200 or so it costs to submit.

    Windows Mobile is not a platform to make money from.

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