MOTOSPLIT to Rock Snapdragon, Android, and Coming to AT&T?


Some slightly questionable renderings of a new Motorola handset dubbed motosplit have come to light, bearing a fresh (although not entirely unheard-of) form factor. As you can see, the keyboard splits in two, off to either side of the device, and tuck back underneath as needed. All we’re hearing in terms of hard specs is that it’ll be running Android and packs the almighty 1 GHz Snapdragon processor under the hood. It’s hard to tell what’s going on with the UI there – maybe motoblur? In any case, the motosplit should be coming to AT&T in Q3 of this year. AT&T has yet to really jump into the Android pool, but rumours have been swirling that the Backflip and Nexus One would be coming their way at some point. Considering the relatively original device layout and the burgeoning popularity of Android, the motosplit could do some very good things for AT&T should this particular rumour pan out. Do you guys dig the form factor, or is it just a little too wacky?

[via Engadget]

  • wsfanatic

    I had a Nokia phone with this form factor when SMS first became popular and it was almost unusable. Needless to say, it was returned for something more useful in less than two weeks.

    • wsfanatic

      I want to say it was one of the old 68XX series Nokias. It seemed like a good idea but in reality it was quite awful.

  • Joe marrone

    I had a Nikia 6820 awhile ago, and let me tell you it was axtualy a great design and I loved it. It worked great for me!

  • Bob

    Yes the Nokia 6820 was a great phone it will be good to see how this phone shapes up but looks good

  • b

    Who on earth cares or would want to sign up with AT&T given past experience and experience with IPhone users? For crying out loud…even after the IPhone and all the complaining about poor bandwidth, it has taken 3 YEARS for those clowns to acknowledge that New York and San Fran have poor reception.

    If that isn’t a sign that they could care less about their customer, I don’t know what is. All they want to do is take advantage of their exclusive deal.

    I had a phone on their network once…and as with all of my colleagues who have thrown theirs out of car windows, I threw it at a rock. A phone on AT&T is….a paper weight.

    If only they would spend less money on dishonest slippery advertisements and more on….cell towers, they might solve some of these problems.

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