T-Mobile USA offers doubleTwist’s Multimedia Sync to the Android smartphone users

Multimedia Sync software for T-Mobile

A company called doubleTwist announced the availability a custom version of its Multimedia Sync software for T-Mobile USA’s Android smartphone customers. A custom installer comes pre-loaded on the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition, whereas existing customers — owning T-Mobile G1, Motorola Cliq, Samsung Behold II or T-Mobile myTouch 3G — can download the software for free from here.

The software, which BTW works on both Macs and PCs, automatically finds music, photos and videos stored on a user’s computer and enables seamless syncing of their media to their mobile devices. Step-by-step instructions for connecting and transferring DRM-free content are included for each supported device, “making the process simple and accessible.”

Moreover, users can create and sync new playlists or import their existing iTunes playlists. Additionally, doubleTwist enables users to transfer videos and photos to and from smartphones while automatically converting them to ensure compatibility with each device. Neat, don’t you think?

  • Lars

    No. I don't understand why anyone would need this. When I saw this program on the SD card with MyTouch Slide I was confused. I didn't open it or use it because Windows Media player accomplished the exact same thing and it is already on my computer. My phone was able to find the folder WMP made for the music. It was able to use the music. I just don't get why this program or any other like it is actually necessary. People spend probably hundreds of hours coding these kind of third rate programs that just reproduce (usually poorly) functions that most computers come with.

  • Marianella Clavelo

    Lars, what if your computer was in your bedroom but you were in the living room with friends and didn't want to bring a computer and have it sit on you as you find music to play? Now you can find the music on your phone and just have your phone next to you. This scenario happens to me pretty often, pretty nifty ad!

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