Motorola Milestone Coming to Canada Soon… Unless You Live in Manitoba or Saskatchewan


The frustration for folks in Manitoba and Saskatchewan continues. With the Motorola Milestone launching on TELUS ‘real soon’, many nationwide are eagerly awaiting the official word. I’ve been prodding my contacts to spill the beans on this one, with no luck… However, ‘coming soon’ ads have appeared on the TELUS site, and my contacts have assured me the device is coming very VERY soon… That is, to all parts of the country besides Manitoba and Saskatchewan!

Yesterday, a new ‘ad’ popped up on the TELUS site noting that the Milestone will not be available in MB and SK… at least for the immediate future. This is extremely frustrating and disappointing for folks in the area, as this is the second time around for such a debacle. Not so long ago when TELUS went live with the iPhone 3GS, the same deal went down, in fact, it’s still going down. Manitobans and Saskatchewanians (sp?) are still in the dark when it comes to Apple’s latest iteration of the iPhone.

The reason for these exclusions is of course due to their network. TELUS doesn’t have any HSPA coverage in MB or SK, hence the lack of iPhone and Milestone action. I hope TELUS is hustling on this one… I know more than a few folks are panting at the door, scratching and clawing to get out of their Rogers’ contracts.

  • Kim Spencer

    What about Yukon, NWT and Nunivat, Last I look they were still part of Canada.

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