Best Buy Removes February 18th Availability Date for the TELUS Motorola Milestone


I have to admit, all of the TELUS Motorola Milestone rumors have been coming fast and furious lately… and the latest batch going ’round that it would launch on February 18th left me scratching my head. Don’t get me wrong, it still very well could launch on the 18th… But to this point I’ve been unable to get any sort of verification from the folks at TELUS, which was why I was reluctant to post any release dates for the Milestone.

Today, it looks like Best Buy has changed their tune, perhaps in reaction to TELUS bonking them on the head for spilling the beans. As you can see in the shot above (via MobileSyrup), Best Buy has removed the so-called launch date and have replaced it with a much more vague (and date free) pre-order blurb.

What you make of this is your own business. Could be the launch is delayed… Could be it’ll still launch on the 18th. Only thing I know for sure is I’ll let you know the moment I find out the real scoop from TELUS!

  • Ann Julie

    I think Motorola has just told Best Buy to remove the launch date. Motorola changing the date is very unlikely but not impossible. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

  • Rob M

    They didn’t get enough pre-order sales, so they decided to put it on hold and hope for some more media hype, you know the drill. (the milestone? not much of an inspiring name.. maybe the kilometre-rock will work)

  • Paul

    As an employee of Best Buy in Alberta, I can assure you the Milestone will be available for a February 18th release through telus. If it is truly not the 18th of February, expect it to be a Telus only release (Telus stores;not Best Buy/FS/Visions) similar to the iPhone 3Gs.


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