GSMA names Steve Jobs “mobile personality of the year”; HTC Hero wins “best mobile handset”

The GSMA gave Steve Jobs the “Mobile Personality of the Year” award, but he wasn’t there to accept it. Even non iPhone users can appreciate what that device has done to the market. It’s made device manufactures concentrate on making their devices easier to use, it’s made the touch screen device the preferred form factor amongst many, and it got an entire country (USA) to care about mobile and start making their locally produced, globally consumed, media mobile optimized.

Yea, Steve Jobs deserves this award, no matter how hard I want to punch him in the face for being a smug bastard.

HTC won the best mobile handset award with the Hero. I’ve been seeing a lot of those on the show floor, that and the HTC Nexus One. The press room in hall 2, which has practically become my second home since Monday, is loaded with the Nexus One. It’s a bit shocking since just 2 years ago Nokia devices dominated.

[Via: mocoNews, who also a list of the other awards that were handed out last night]

  • Ann Julie

    Nokia devices dominated the market because no one else was there to compete with them. Now Nokia and other big players will have to look at themselves and change with the time.

    HTC Hero deserves it more than Steve Jobs deserving his award. Sorry for not agreeing with you Stefan.

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