Qualcomm: “There will be a Nokia Symbian phone this year with Snapdragon”

Petri Sajari, Helsingin Sanomat, interviewed Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs and was told that by the end of this year there will be a Nokia device with a Snapdragon processor inside running the Symbian mobile operating system.

This is huge for a number reasons. First, Nokia and Qualcomm have been fighting each other over wireless patents for years. They finally resolved their issues in July 2008 with a settlement that involves Nokia paying an undisclosed, but predictably handsome amount of money, to Qualcomm over the course of the next 15 years.

Second, now that Symbian is open source, and assuming Nokia engineers port the modifications done to the Symbian kernel back to the publicly available branch of Symbian software, then this paves the way for other OEMs to pick up Qualcomm chipsets and run with Symbian software with little to no issues. Building with Qualcomm is easy since their platforms come with wireless radios. When a hardware manufacturer buys into the Qualcomm platform, the not only get a fast processor, they get WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and most importantly GSM/GPRS/UMTS and HSPA.

Third, this shows that Nokia and Qualcomm have really resolved their issues, and that the press release they issued last year saying that they’re working together was not just for show, but it was actually real, and that the results of said partnership are going to come soon. It usually takes 2 years to get a smartphone out on the market, so this Symbian device sounds just about perfect.

Huge thanks to @thebluenile who sent me an article, in Finnish, that details all of this. If you can read Finnish then check out the article after the break. It’s a photo from a real live newspaper. It’ll be an artifact in a few years.

Update: We’re going to be at Qualcomm’s Mobile World Congress party later tonight so if we get any new details we’ll make sure to post them here.

  • Rauha

    You left out one bit that is interesting. These phones are spesificly designed for the North American market.

    From the picture:
    Quallcommin piirisarjan sisältävät Nokian 3G-puhelimet on tarkoittetu Pohjois-Amerikan markkinoillle.

    Quickly from finnish into finglish:
    Nokia’s 3G phones that incorporate Qualcomms chipsets are inteded/designed for the North American market.

  • Obrerver


    Persistent disputes has been agreed. Semiconductor company Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs expects excited about Nokia’s new phones with Qualcomm chips.

    Barcelona. American semiconductor company Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs believes smartphone prices collapse in the near future is one of the inevitable changes in mobile phone industry.

    According to Jacobs, Qualcomm will help handset manufacturers to streamline their manufacturing costs for smartphones Snapdragon chipset.

    “The more components are able to integrate the chipset is cheaper, smaller and less energy-consuming device,” he says.

    Chipset for a group of integrated circuits or chips, which are designed to work together. The chipset controls the links between the processor and external devices. It plays a key role in system performance.

    Christmas sale in the forthcoming Microsoft Windows 7 operating system-based phones have a Snapdragon chipset. In addition, Qualcomm will finalize the software, which connects Snapdragonin owned by Nokia and the Symbian Foundation, the operating system.

    Jacobs does not say when the first Nokia mobile phones Qualcomm’s chipset will go on sale.

    “During the past year. Technological cooperation with Nokia is going so well.”

    Quacolmmin chipset includes Nokia’s 3G phones are intended for markets in North America.

    Nokia releases new smartphones next March.

    Nokia’s market share has fallen in the United States in recent years, groundwater levels. The company’s leaders have convinced the market position strengthened with time.

    Former partners in the dispute agree to Qualcomm and Nokia in the summer of 2008 persistently patent disputes between them. Shortly after the reconciliation, companies began to design together. Nokia’s mobile computer Booklet 3G is already Qualcomm chipset. It does not exist yet in any of the Nokia mobile phone.
    Ehdota parempaa käännöstä

  • julienf

    And you also forgot to mention that Qualcomm is part of the Symbian Foundation via Qualcomm Innovation Center.

  • Tissot

    Great to hear got a say!

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