Case-Mate FUEL Rechargeable Holster Available for BlackBerry Bold 9700


Case-Mate has recently expanded their FUEL lineup with a holster for the Bold 9700, offering even more battery life to what seems to be the most energy-efficient BlackBerry to date. Overkill? Maybe. Awesome? Yes.

By using the external charging contacts, the Bold plugs into the holster’s 2300 mA battery, which can either continually keep your phone topped-up, or engaged by a switched for when you really need the extra juice. FUEL provides 9 hours talk time, 250 hours standby, 7 hours internet use, 8 hours of video playback or 24 hours of audio playback.

Holstering (versus pocketing) a BlackBerry can actually really change the way you use it. Different ringing profiles are activated when the phone detects that it’s holstered, meaning you don’t have to remember to switch to vibrate during a movie, meeting, or otherwise mobile-unfriendly event. The same Case-Mate holster is also available for iPhone, original Bold, Curve 8900, and the BlackBerry Tour, but if you’ve got a 9700, the new FUEL will cost $79.99, which you will undoubtedly earn back in hours of otherwise lost e-mailing, twittering, and general BlackBerrying.

[via Accessorize Mobile]

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