Video: Anssi Vanjoki: Yes, the Nokia N97 was horrible, and no, we’ll never screw up like that again

In what’s probably the most honest video I’ve seen with a Nokia employee in front of the camera, Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President of Markets, talks about the N97 and how it was a success in terms of sales, but it has failed in many other categories such as user experience and hardware quality. He is confident that the next release of Symbian will fix a lot of the problems that users have been having, and that Nokia will never, ever, release something like the N97 to market again.

I’m sorry to say this, but the damage has already been done. While attending Mobile World Congress last week I was absolutely flabbergasted by the number of Android devices both in the press room, and on the show floor. People got burned by S60 5th Edition and simply switched platforms. I too have moved on and am now using a Google Nexus One full time. Expect to see a review of it once I’ve passed the 1 month of ownership mark.

Anyway, video below, courtesy of All About Symbian:

  • Will Neale

    Tripe. His sleepless nights may be behind him, but to say that the N97 is now sporting ‘stable software’ is absurd. Mine is running the latest firmware (that has been made available to me), yet it crashes constantly, I have memory management issues, I can’t install new apps and I often can’t send an SMS or pull up a contact from my address book due to memory problems. I find it staggeringly bad – and actually continue to use the device because I am so bemused that they STILL haven’t yet sorted it.

  • khop3sh

    Finaly they admit what a mistake the N97 was not just in terms of software but hardware also. As an N97 owner this news is not new to me and comes way to late, as a loyal nokia user it has definatly put a black mark over nokia for me personaly and I will definatly look towards other manufacturers a little more closely in 3 months when my contract comes up for renewal. I like the symbian platform and have used it for years, but the OS is not everythink and should not be the ONLY deciding factor when making a perchase such as smartphones I need somethink that is fast intuative reliable and not constantly closing apps down because its totaly inadequate hardware can not cope with simple day to day use.

  • mike

    While the software was rubbish and clunky, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE FORM FACTOR! Please don’t abandon that form factor Nokia (other phone manufacturers please take note)! That aspect of the phone was by far the best part of the phone, and far and away the best I’ve experienced in a handheld device from a usability perspective as far full qwerty slider phones are concerned. If I could find something like that in a Android flavor (used to own a N97 and recently switched a Moto CLIQ in November) replete with a left sided dpad and game map-able shoulder triggers/bumpers too boot, then I’d be super happy!

    Oh, and since I’ve already listed a few features for my ultimate phone, how about I list the rest them like a tilting 800×480 resolution OLED capacitive screen (similar to the N97’s), stereo speakers placed on the side facing the user like they are on the Nokia N97, Mini HDMI/TV Out, dedicated media playback keys somewhere on the keyboard, 32GB of internal memory with a micro SD card slot, a 5mp minimum camera with a lens cover and zenon flash. I guess I’m waiting for someone to make a media centric Android version of the N97 instead of all of the iPhone wannabes that keep getting released…

  • Dave

    So i guess they should just give up close up shop, stefan. Cool.

  • Chris P

    I simply dont believe him. N900 being one glaring example – it STILL requires software patching – it doesnt even have MMS yet (native). Very very shoddy from Nokia.

    • Pajatso

      “it doesnt even have MMS yet”… Iphone didn’t have MMS for a long time and that was ok for everyone.

  • Mark Krznaric

    I don’t see everyone’s problem. I have an N97, and it runs PERFECTLY for me. It’s fast, easy to navigate, and it has not crashed once for me.

  • In the video he says, “When Symbian^3 comes out, you can rest assured it will be perfect.”

    I guess that’s why he’s leaving Nokia.

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