Paid App Upgrades Coming Soon to the Apple App Store?

In my daily chatter I usually end up talking to an iPhone app dev or two. Inevitably, at some point in the conversation we start blabbing about features we’d like to see in the App Store. For I don’t know how long now (perhaps even since the App Store launch), devs have had one nagging feature request… Paid app upgrades. But not only straight-up paid-app upgrades, they also want the ability to offer the paid update, PLUS the ability to offer a discount for those that may own an older version of the app, i.e. ‘upgrade now for only $0.99!’

Long story short, app developer Fraser Speirs came across the dialog box you see above, a box that could be a sign of things to come. Such a feature addition would be huge for developers, as up until now they’ve had to work their way around the upgrade issue by offering multiple versions of apps (free or ‘Lite’, and ‘Full’ versions). There’s of course no telling if and when such an enhancement would be made for developers, but no doubt Apple is working on the issue.

Seems to me that something like this will make the developers more money. If the developers make more money, Apple makes more money. End of story. Apple is in it for the money, right? How come they haven’t implemented this yet?

What say you iPhone developers?

[Via: TUAW]

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