TAT Home Not Coming to Android Market

A few weeks ago, we previewed a new Android home replacement, TAT Home. With a stunning 3D user interface, and widgets galore, TAT Home is the closest thing to HTC’s unrivaled custom user interface, Sense. As it turns out, the home replacement will not be released into the Android Market, and will instead only be available to phone vendors only.

As said in a previous article concerning the home replacement, it was uncertain if TAT Home would actually make it to the Android Market. Unfortunately, it turns out that at the moment The Astonishing Tribe has no intentions on releasing it for download.

Later TATMobileUI tweeted, “If you want us to release TATHome for the Market- help me convince the product manager by telling what you would pay for it :)” Well that’s irritating, but at least they are trying. Sort of. If the home replacement does make its way into the Android Market, I’d expect it to be significantly higher than other home replacements.

Hopefully at some point we will see TAT Home appear in the Market. I would pick it over MotoBlur any day, and obviously, it goes without saying, Samsung’s Touchwhiz found on the Behold 2. If I had something like this available to me, I wouldn’t flash my phone with custom ROMs, like the updated Sense UI. Well, not as much at least.

[Via : DroidLife ]

  • htc magic

    They would make so much money if they release it on the market

    openhome alone has 50,000-250,000 downloads

    openhome sells for $3.99 so the profits are about 200,000 – 1,000,000 if TAT home does get released everyone would buy it, it would be unrivalled (i personally would pay up to $5 for it) so im sure lots of people using dxtop , GDE , ahome and all the other home replacements would buy it too.

    So why would they choose not to release it on the market?

    If they really want to sell it to phone operators then why not at least make a widget pack for a limited version to place on the android market and then they could sell the more advanced program to companies they wanted to wouldn’t posting it on the market also make people more aware of the product?

    If people are more aware of the product there would be a higher demand to make a more advanced version or a full version so phone vendors and operators would be willing to pay more.

    just think if you sell the product at $4.99 which is quite reasonably for the standard of this it is worth more than the other home replacements and they manage to sell 100,000 apps or widgets then that’s half a million im sure they would sell alot more and therefore make a considerable more ammount of money.

    At the moment the products just sitting there doing nothing theres already a high demand for it so why not at least release a beta or a widget pack how would that even damage the possibility to sell a far more advanced version later on.

    • htc magic

      Sorry for any mistakes but im 14 and didnt have time to read what i wrote

  • wow.. this APP is amazing!!!!!

  • Trucknjoseph

    Why even reveal it if it is not for “consumers”. Even if they change their mind I won’t pay assholes.

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