Refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G On the Cheap at Fido

Refurbished iPhone 3G at Fido

Provided you don’t mind running a slightly older piece of Apple hardware, Fido has a great deal going on right now on the ‘refreshed’ or ‘refurbished’ iPhone 3G. Sure, there may be a few dents or scratches, but these phones run absolutely perfectly… They’ve just been ‘gently used’ for some time before. No biggie 🙂 The deal? Pop over to Fido and pick up a refurbed iPhone 3G (8GB model) for $29. Cheapy cheap. Of course, you’ll need to sign-up for a 3-year contract with Fido, but this is nothing new.

If you’re concerned about the ‘refreshed’ status, here’s a description from Fido that may ease any concerns:

  • iPhones are preloaded with current software and have been extensively and independently quality tested.
  • Refreshed iPhones carry a warranty of 6 months from the date of shipment
  • Refreshed phones are phones that were returned by customers within 15 days from the date of activation.
  • They are either unused or lightly used and they must pass rigorous final Quality Assurance testing before their sale.
  • Some refreshed iPhone 3G devices will have final scratches

For all the details, pop over to Fido.

[Via: MobileSyrup]

  • Henri

    What’s the cost of the Early Termination Fee should I decide to cancel early?

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