AT&T unveils Global Messaging 50, $10 add-on plan

AT&T has unveiled a new add-on plan for budget-conscious globetrotters called Global Messaging 50, allowing them to send both text and multimedia (image and video) messages while travelling abroad. As you can guess from its name, the plan includes 50 messages, which could be sent for $10 a month (on top of your existing monthly bill) from more than 90 countries.

To put the number in perspective, this makes a single message (whether it’s plain text or MMS) sent cost 20 cents, which is much lower than 50-cent per text message or $1.30 per MSS on a pay-per-use rates. Additional messages sent cost 40 cents, each.

The new add-on plan is available starting from March 20th, meaning you could already add it to your plan.

At the end of the press release, AT&T reminds us the new add-on plan is just a tip of the iceberg and that they offer an array of international services. A dedicated page on their website provides all additional information.

  • Drnevin

    does global messaging include Liberia in Africa?

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