MapQuest 4 for iPhone now offers free voice-guided GPS navigation!

Google Maps Navigation already offers it, as does Nokia’s Ovi Maps, and now MapQuest is getting into the free turn-by-turn, voice-guided GPS navigation game. MapQuest has announced that its MapQuest 4 for iPhone app has been updated to give users voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation service for absolutely free! The app will track your iPhone via GPS and alert you when you approach an exit, turn, or other navigation directions. It’ll even reroute you at the push of a button when you miss an offramp.

Google provides free GPS nav service on Android OS-powered phones, which gives Android phones a strong appeal among tech-conscious types on a budget. Nokia also offers free sat-nav through its clunky Ovi Maps for those of you still using Symbian-based phones. Now, the iPhone can lay claim to having a free voice-guided GPS solution of its own.

MapQuest 4 also sports power savings controls. Since using GPS on the iPhone 3G and 3GS can severely tax the battery, the app allows for three levels of power management. With power-management off, the app will keep the handset display fully lit and powered on, preventing the display from locking and shutting down. With low power management enabled, the app will allow the display to dim to save battery power, but will prevent it from locking and turning off altogether. With full power management enabled, the display will dim and turn off like normal.

If you have an iPhone 3G or 3GS running iPhone OS 3.x, you can download MapQuest 4 for free from the iTunes AppStore. Seeing as how it’s free and offers services that you normally have to pay through the nose for, we’d say it’s totally worth the few clicks it’s going to take you to download the app.

– MapQuest 4 Mobile for iPhone (FREE) [iTunes link]

[Via: MapQuest]

  • Tech_Crazee

    looks like this app is no more in the apps store…i wonder y?

    • Guest

      Removed by Apple, maybe!!

  • sam

    Sure the App is free!!!!! You have to pay for the voice guidance. Delete delete delete.

    • reinhard sual

      It is still available and still FREE!
      Download it month a go and have the voice guidance for FREE….
      I use Iphone 4 with $20 FM Transmitter/Charger/Sticky Pad. It does the job nicely!

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