Sprint Announces 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

In an effort to keep customers happier than they had been historically, Sprint is now offering a full money-back guarantee to new subscribers for their first 30 days of service. The refund includes the cost of the device, service charges, and waiving the ETF. You don’t even have to pay a restocking fee! Premium stuff such as long distance, download fees, and anything not covered by your plan, as you’d expect, won’t get reimbursed. It’s a small, if decent step, and no doubt customers who have been stung by wireless carriers in the past will appreciate the extra wriggle room to back out.

Recently, Sprint has actually been doing pretty good at reducing churn, and the HTC EVO will likely win over and keep some customers, but it’s still an uphill battle against AT&T and Verizon. ¬†While coverage, devices, and plans certainly make up the bulk of a shopper’s decision, good customer services like this guarantee can make all the difference to the right people.

Head to sprint.com/guarantee for a closer look at the details.

[via Sprint]

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