LG Aloha to Rock Android 2.1, WVGA Display, Wi-Fi n

The User Agent Profile of the unreleased LG Aloha C710 has been dug up, revealing a rather impressive specsheet. A WVGA 480 x 800 display, ¬†Android 2.1, and Wi-Fi 802.11n capabilities are all identified, but I’m curious what kind of camera and form factor it’ll be packing. The Wi-Fi Alliance has apparently issued a certificate for the device, and though that indicates we’ll be seeing the Aloha sooner than later, there are no specifics on a release date or carrier availability.

LG has already had something of a field day with Android, what with the LU2300, GW620, GW370, GT540, LS680, and likely many more in the wings. The Aloha C710, however, is shaping up to be LG’s high-end Android flagship; can’t wait to get a closer look.

[Tweakers via PhoneArena]

  • Informed

    Currently LG has made the specs available for the European version, the American version will be 4G WIMAX. For at least the next year, Sprint is the only American carrier capable of launching a 4G device, the Aloha is 4G.

  • Keith

    Will the LG C710 Aloha be released in the USA for Verizon Wireless At any time or soon ???

    If so plz contact me and how to verify ok.

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