Sprint Order Form Details BlackBerry 9650, BlackBerry 8230 Flip, Palm C40 and Motorola ES400

Sprint Order Form Details new BlackBerry Devices and More

Here’s an interesting little tidbit that leaked yesterday over at BGR. If you’re a Sprint BlackBerry user, this one is for you. Seems as though the BlackBerry 9650 (with and without a camera) and BlackBerry 8520 Flip have shown up in Sprint’s order forms. Also making an appearance are the Motorola ES400 and the Palm C40.

The ES400 from Motorola will be either a WinMo or Android device… Not much is known in terms of details and specs at the moment, but if I had to guess, I’d throw a C note down on Android. The Palm C40 is still a mystery as well, but this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of it. In fact, I seem to recall the C40 getting a mention in a leaked Sprint roadmap not-so-long ago.

With Palm in a spot of trouble these days, I’m really curious to see what the C40 brings to the table. Will it be the last release before Palm gets snapped up by Google? Or perhaps Apple has an eye on Palm? Who knows. All I know is Palm looks to be in a heap of trouble, and they better do something about it quick… Or, have someone swoop in to gobble up webOS and other proprietary goodies.

  • Smells Fishy

    The search results give 206 hits for devices made by Research In Motion on Sprint. I don’t think they have had that many devices over the years. Anyone else think this doesn’t smell right.

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