Video: This is what iPhone OS 4.0 multitasking looks like

Cheers for iPhone OS 4.0 and its ability to multitask third party iPhone apps! But, what good is Apple’s iPhone multitasking announcement with a demo video to show off? Well, the video you see here does just that!

Apple took their sweet time to push multitasking functionality to the iPhone, but managed to finally bring the feature to market with an incredibly polished and simple UI. With apps running in the background, all you have to do is double-click on the home button to pull up the multitask tray. In this tray you’ll see icons for all the apps you currently have active. A simple swipe of the finger slides the icons across the screen, allowing you to pick which app you’d like to jump to next.

And, in true Apple style, the multitasking feature doesn’t come with any task manager. That means you won’t be able to forcibly close an app on your own – it’s up to Apple and your iPhone to determine when to kill an app. That’s a bit of a downside, but it does ensure that the iPhone continues to be simple to use the homescreen remains uncluttered.

Still, we’d like to be able to kill apps at our discretion. At least the multitask dock looks slick!

[Via: YouTube Image Credit: TiPb]

  • numaxx

    of course you can kill apps at will, just long press on the app in the dock, and it will show a minus badge and then quit the app

  • Kipp Jones

    I believe you can kill a running app by lingering on an app in the multitask dock. It brings up a little ‘-‘ sign and you can kill it from your multitask dock, which presumably closes the app fully.

  • nick Maksy

    Apple desperately needs to make a kill all apps button, it's so annoying to kill each one individually every five seconds.

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