Firmware update comes to Motorola Cliq

Motorola is sending out a much-needed firmware update to the CLIQ, addressing many issues. To what extent, we’re not sure, but this MotorBlur device needed some sort of updating. Unfortunately it’s not the Android 2.1 update everyone has been hoping for.

T-Mobile’s first Motorola Android device may not be the best phone you can get on the nation’s 4th largest carrier, but it’s still a nice device. If you can get over the lameness of MotoBlur, that is. The new update is said to address quite a few issues that have been bugging owners of the device since the beginning. The update includes better battery life, improved touch screen sensitivity, faster GPS, better audio quality for calls, and more. So far, we haven’t heard from anyone who has received the update yet, nor do we know if the update addresses the issues completely. It’s not clear if the device will need another update for all issues to be ironed out, but anything is better than nothing!

Right now, if I were to walk into a T-Mobile store and was looking to buy an Android device, it would be a pretty tough call whether to pick the CLIQ, or the MyTouch 3G. The CLIQ has a keyboard, and a directional pad that is placed on the left, which appeals to me for using emulators, like NESoid. On the other hand, the MyTouch 3G looks nicer to me overall in my opinion, and has a much wider dev base, with many different ROMs available to it I could hack my way through. And, you know, no MotoBlur on the MT3G is a big plus.

With word of this update coming down the pipes, it would make the decision that much harder. But I think I’ll stick with my Nexus One.

A full list of the update is below:

  • Relocated “End Call”
  • Improved Text Messaging
  • Improved Battery Life
  • Improved Touch Screen Sensitivity
  • Improved Audio Quality for Calls
  • Improved MOTOBLUR Set-Up Screen
  • Better Audio Routing
  • Improved Caller Notification
  • Faster GPS
  • Support For Additional Windows Media Formats Compatible
  • Bluetooth Improvements
  • SIM Card Management
  • Additional Stability
  • The Latest Versions of Google
  • Updated Quickoffice

Glad to see Motorola has their users’ backs, and pushing out updates to improve their user experience. For anyone who has the Cliq, and has received the update, how’s it treating you? Let us know if the comments below!

[Via: AndroidGuys]

  • ram

    ok, but I won’t be appeased until I get the 2.x that all android investors deserve.

  • Food

    Looks like a different keyborde but I don’t like haveing 1.5. When are we going to get 2.1bcause all of us that are cliq users want it.

  • Taylor

    Its treating me very well! This update definitely cleared up some issues my cliq had been having. Everything seems to be running much smoother now. Yes, it is a little dissappointing to not get Android 2.x, but it will be coming by the end of the quarter.

  • Ken

    This is the best update to date as far as fixing the existing problems that the cliq had. Im very happy with my phone. Having said that, I think its absolute BS that we are STILL waiting for 2.1 when the droid witch already had 2.0 has already been updated to 2.1 and we’re STILL waiting for our 2.1 update. Its a slap in the face to all cliq owners and as far as im concerned its the last motorola purchase I ever make. Theres really no excuse for having to wait this long.

  • erin

    So far its been ok… not much difference. There is one HUGE improvement I have seen so far and that is battery life… normally my phone is down to about 35% by this time of day and its been at 50 with heavy use for the past three hours now… it will be interesting to see how long it lasts…

  • Chris White

    My update went perfect….I mostly love how faster the text has gotten. Now i’m just waiting for the freakin 2.1 Update.

  • Jonattan

    Is not the big thing! It was just a small update of the software from 1.4.2 to 1.4.8 but is ok so far.. what I’m waiting; actually WE’RE (Cliq owners) waiting for is for an update of the firmware from 1.5 to 2.1 or at least 2.0 that would be more than enough for me.. Come on Android, I know you guys can do it.. I know is all about money and all this stuff because who’ll buy a Nexus One or Galaxy S (coming for june) which is 2.1 OS if my Cliq are a 2.1?? Got it??

  • Venus

    Just got the update last night & so far I’ve noticed a great improvement in texting. Its more accurate. I used to get so frustrated with making all the corrections from the virtual keyboard that I only used the physical. Really looking forward to the 2.1 update. I love the phone and really don’t want to spend money on another phone because mines isn’t up
    to date!!!!

  • VampireNanny

    I just got the update. Will wait and see if it is even noticeable. Phone updates, politics etc– its all about the mighty dollar. All bow before it’s might.

  • jaye

    I don’t know about anyone else, my update downloaded last week and my battery life is now half of what it was. I used to get a whole day, now I’m lucky to get half a day on a charge. Wish I knew where to lodge a complaint.

  • Argelio

    Well the update has shown much improvement on my phone. the touch keybored is alot more accurate i actually use it now before i only used the physical one. As far as battery life, well it has gotten much better, but it still dies kind of fast i even have my brightness at 0. but im not complaining overall great update. Cant wait for the 2.0 though !!!!

  • vacar

    Since the recent update, my screen goes black, my email is messed up, the screens flip all over the place unless I open to reveal keyboard, and several other issues as well with seemingly nowhere to go to report this mess. Personally, I am looking elsewhere for a better phone. Have had enough of the Cliq. Had heard there was to be something coming from Adobe as well, but it seems that is for the Cliq XT. Not buying another Cliq. Seriously thinking iPhone.

  • trevor

    touch screen is way better, before it would misread "swipes" as "clicks". notifcation bar is harder to pull down too, which i dont like. Did not fix all the screen issues….took me 30 seconds to unmute my line during a conf call. also i find that my phone runs better if i restart it every few days.

  • chris

    Well the update is nice but what we really need is multi touch and android 2.1

  • kelikoli

    I don't know if I didn't fully install all the updates, but my TEXTS won't appear when I receive or send them. It shows up and alerts when they come in, but DON'T APPEAR when I click on the text message icon. It doesn't update the conversation in my inbox! HELP!?

    Is there a way I can download it again? How do I do that?

  • Michael

    my Screen goes black when on a phone call that sucks because i can't exit out of voice mail. How can i fix this i have the cliq xt.

    • Jorgeou

      where you able to find a solution to your problem?
      My phone cliq XT does the same.
      Whenever on a call either incoming or outgoing the screen goes black and I can’t hang up.
      Is an issue because it may go to voicemail and I can’t disconnect unless I remove the battery.
      please if you or anyone know a solution email me at

  • krazykorean

    i jsut got it cuz my samsung behold took a dump on me (for some reason the touchscreen won't function right) but anyways, i got the cliq but i'm really disappointed in this operating system. the touchscreen on my cliq is wack… almost same as my behold. it will randomly pick and choose any of the apps as it please. so yeah i heard the mytouch 2 will be on the market for tmobile on june 2nd. since i have the 14days return policy, i'm just going to change my phone. instead of breaking my neck waiting for this damn update to come out. hope you guys all just sell your phone or hopefully you guys still have your warranty and exchange it.

  • gust

    i cant update past 1.5 please help. i am also having other troubles such as the touchscreen not being enabled when i slide the keyboard open, any suggestions?

  • Blah

    I called tmobile to tell them I either wanted a replacement phone or to be able to get out of my contract without having to pay a fee. I spoke to 3 supervisors and a manager and all of them gave me the usual robotic corporate bullshit, about how they basically couldnt do anything. Fuck tmobile! OS updates are mandatory in order to have a properly functional phone… If your service provider is unwilling to compensate for their error in choosing this phone for their service. CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT!!!!! I know it sucks to have to pay to get out of a contract… but we have to cancel our accounts to teach these shit companies a lesson. Call them… raise hell and CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT!

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