AT&T and Verizon Ad Battle Comes to Close

Verizon and AT&T’s ongoing advertising battle, championed by Luke Wilson and a catchy tagline, respectively, is apparently coming to an end.

The ad war didn’t come cheap – Verizon was actually the second-biggest advertiser in the world last year, having spent $2.24 billion on its campaign. The battle between the two U.S. carriers even made it to courts, but was dismissed a couple of months ago. AT&T is moving on to some lovey-dovey “Rethink Possible” marketing campaign, and kicking Luke to the curb, while Verizon goes back to rolling around on its giant pile of money.

Now, AT&T still has a long ways to go to make their network respectable in the eyes of the public, although so long as they keep their iPhone exclusive in a white-knuckled grip, well away from Verizon, they’ll at least be able to survive. Verizon, has a pretty substantial lead over AT&T,  and with the HTC Incredible on the way, that margin will only widen.

[via AP]

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