Orange reveals sixth Digital Media Index

Orange today unveiled its sixth Digital Media Index (ODMI), which is a detailed report into how digital media is consumed across its mobile network. But rather than the IntoMobile readership have to wade through things, I’ve conveniently ripped out some interesting stats – coz I’m nice like that 🙂

Key findings from the April 2010 report include:

Mobile Social Networking

  • Nearly two million Orange customers now use their handsets for social networking
  • Over one billion page impressions on social networking sites are made via mobile each month

Mobile Internet

  • Orange’s mobile internet portal, Orange World, receives over 3.4 million users per month
  • Celebrities are the most searched for term by customers, with Cheryl Cole being the no.1  searched for celebrity

Mobile TV and Video

  • Sport is the main driver for mobile TV viewing and is more popular with men than women. In total, sports accounts for 50% of mobile TV content consumed, with Sky Sports 1 being the most popular mobile TV channel, attracting 24% of users

Mobile Gaming

  • Sunday is the most popular day for downloading games

SMS / MMS and Mobile Data

  • Texting is still as popular as ever. The latest report reveals that women send more text and picture messages than men to keep in touch with friends and family
  • The consumption of mobile data also continues to grow, with over 5.34 million customers now using Orange 3G mobile handsets and/or dongles, and over 435,000 gigabytes of data being used per month.

For me, the most interesting thing here is the Mobile TV and Video usage – you can see it’s the same sort of drivers as for existing Pay-TV services (Sports in this case). Overall though, it does show that Orange users are certainly not afraid to leverage their handsets to try out the range of content services on offer. It will fascinating as this data builds over time, to see which services continue to rise in usage, and those that tail off – me, I’m backing Mobile TV and Social Networking 🙂

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