Vodomodo provides smartphone-optimized mini-movies for popular tourist attractions in the U.S.

A company called Vodomodo.com has a compelling offering. vHere’s the situation – you need to travel, but just can’t find enough time to read about the place(s) you’re about to visit. Enter Vodomodo.com. They created a mobile video service with short, streaming videos that provide “historical information, a variety of archived images, geographically and contextually targeted information.” The great thing is that these clips are made to perfectly render on a smartphone’s display and are not too long — we’re talking about the five-minute mini-movies.

On the other hand, I have a problem with streaming. What if you’re travelling to another country, are you really going to watch live video while roaming? I don’t think so. They should provide an option for downloading these clips, otherwise I don’t see them reaching the tipping point outside of the U.S. which is their primary market at the moment.

Currently, Vodomodo now has over 100 mini-movies completed on the most-visited historic landmarks and sites in Washington, D.C., New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco. That number will double soon at sites that attract nearly 200 million annual visitors in nine major U.S. markets. The launch includes 50 initial sites, with three to five new sites set to be added every couple of weeks throughout 2010.

Finally, you can try out Vodomodo from www.vodomodo.com or m.vodomodo.com (from your smartphone).

  • Vodomodo

    In first paragraph, please change the misspelling of VODOMODE to VODOMODO?

  • Dusan Belic

    Thanks for noticing. It’s fixed now!

  • Steve Radlinger

    Dusan: You are right. The ability to download our content is a critical piece of ensuring widespread market adoption. It is part of our roadmap.

    Not only for U.S. travelers going abroad, but foreign travelers coming to the U.S. BTW – our tours are currently being translated into 7-10 languages.

    So yes, our content will be available for download:
    1) Smartphone sync to desktop (iphone, BB, etc.)
    2) Memory card purchased at VodoModo.com in advance of trip and mailed to traveler or purchased at point of sale location near a landmark.
    3) Pre-installed on map/gps devices.

    So we are very excited about making it easy for travelers to get our content everywhere including remote locations like Chichen Itza near Cancun (don’t have cell towers in the jungles yet).

    Thanks, Steve Radlinger
    Founder – VodoModo

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