Seesmic for Android Updated with Widget, Geotagging, Native Retweet

Seesmic’s Twitter client for Android has been updated with some solid features, such as a home screen widget, native (read: uneditable) retweets, and GPS location tagging for your tweets. Although there will be the hardened native retweeting, Seesmic will keep the option to quote someone else’s tweet, so you can add your two cents, or change the format. The widget is pretty simple right now – it shows a random tweet from the people you follow, the ability to scroll through others, touch to read the whole thing, or tap the icon to compose a fresh twitter update. Geolocation is always good news, and if Seesmic can get on top of the new check-in system that Twitter is working on, it’ll be even better (although maybe redundant for those on the Gowalla/Foursquare bandwagon).

On top of the support for multiple accounts not too long ago, and search, lists, and trending topics before that, Seesmic’s maintaining an impressive clip of updates for Android. Seesmic has been fairly aggressive competition for the incumbent leading Android Twitter apps, Twidroid and Hootsuite, and may find added competition from the new Twicca client, but the whole lot will have to worry about an app right from Twitter themselves in the near future.

[via Seesmic Blog]

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