BlackBerry Featured in Commercial too Sexy for TV

Plus size clothing store Lane Bryant made a commercial featuring some lingere on a woman just a little too awesome for ABC and Fox, who cancelled its placement in “Dancing with the Stars” and almost cut from showing after “American Idol”. There’s a whole rigamarole around how commercials of skinny Victoria’s Secret girls get on the air just fine, and the big beautiful women out there get unfairly screwed over, but what we’re interested in (aside from trying to get YouTube videos to play on loop), is that coverage the BlackBerry 8520 might have missed out on for not being aired on TV is now getting plenty of viewers thanks to the cancellation and subsequent controversy. Sure, the BlackBerry’s user interface has been dumbed down for a TV audience (as is often the case), but hey, let’s be honest, we’re not really paying that much attention to the phone.

The model is Ashley Graham, if you’re interested in finding more of her, and she’s also weighed in on the debate. Now, I wonder if RIM is as touchy about remotely adult content as Apple?

[via Inside Curve]

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