ShoutOUT speech-to-text messaging app hits the Android Market

We talked about it earlier and now it’s happening. After the iPhone, Promptu is bringing its ShoutOUT speech-to-text messaging app to the growing number of Android smartphone users.

The free application relies on the server voice processing which means two things: your phone’s CPU won’t be overused, but your mobile data connection will – so make sure you’re on some solid plan which involves tons of data or on a WiFi network.

According to Promptu’s official release, no other Android speech recognition app used for text messaging — including Google Voice functionality in Android 2.1 — comes close to the accuracy of ShoutOUT. That “prompted” us to think Google may be interested in acquiring the company.

Anyway, ShoutOUT’s features include voice addressing, full integration into the phone’s messaging service, message exchanges threaded by recipient, thumbnail images for contacts, and one-touch navigation to all recent incoming and outgoing messages. The application is readily available from the Android Market…

  • perry

    i just got shoutout and it works far better then googles app and better then vlingo also, so has not missed one word ive talked into my sroid…thanks

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