QWERTY Androids most popular in the US

According to the AdMob report that we showed you a couple of days ago, one of the more interesting things mentioned in the report was that 54% of Android traffic was driven by devices that has a full QWERTY keyboard on it.

The top three Android devices in the US are the Motorola Droid, the HTC G1, and the Motorola CLIQ. All have keyboards. All running different versions of Android. The Motorola Droid started out with Android 2.0, and has recently received the upgrade to 2.1. The G1 is running Android 1.6, after a year of being on 1.5, and the Motorola CLIQ is still rocking Android 1.5. So it seems that users don’t really mind what software version they are running, but it’s evident that a physical QWERTY keyboard is of high importance. It’s (comically) sad that the Samsung Moment is dead last on the top ten Android phone list. Looks as though not even a slide out keyboard could get the thing to sell.

Interestingly enough, there aren’t too many QWERTY keyboard-packing Android devices in the works. There are a few, such as the Aloha, the mystery HTC slider, the MyTouch Slide, the Motorola flip phone device, and the Motorola Shadow. All but the last device has been spotted at least once, but the last is the real one we want, isn’t it?

With screen sizes on newer phones getting bigger and bigger, it’s easier for users to adapt to on-screen keyboards. But what makes one think they need a full keyboard? Even with my short time with the Motorola Droid, I used the on-screen keyboard so much more than the hardware keyboard. The Motorola Droid’s keyboard has gotten¬† a lot of shit for being too small, not enough feedback from when you press a key, and so on. In less than two weeks of having the device, I had mastered the keyboard, yet I still went back to the on screen keyboard. Everyone’s different though. I, for one, don’t need a keyboard, although having the option is nice.

So are you one of the many who are sporting a QWERTY packing Android device? Well you can pat yourself on the back, as you’re fueling the most traffic for the entire OS.

[Via: AndroidAndMe]

  • Peter Tosh

    The popularity of the QWERTY sliders in your chart is due to the first and only available Android device, the G1, having a QWERTY keyboard along with Motorola Droids very successful ad campaign. More time is necessary to declare a winner. We’ll see after the HTC Incredible has been out in the wild for a few weeks if it is preferred.

    Legalize it.

  • @msmarpledaisy

    I love Qwerty Keyboards. I won't leave my BB until there's a Droid with great specs but it must have a Qwerty keyboard. I have passed on Iphone, Htc incredible, even the Droid (Droid because of the specs). I'm looking forward to an android with front facing 8mp camera, 4.3 display With a keyboard. All the bells an whistle I will pass on if theres no keyboard. There are some of us that really prefer having a physical Keyboard. I love apps I have a ipod touch but I really dislike virtual keyboard on it . I would never purchase and iphone or one of its clones without a keyboard.

  • technofaeries

    I’m with MsMarpleDaisy! I won’t be leaving my N97 (despite its horrible processing power) until there is a nice qwerty keyboard Droid. Admittedly the Droid O/S is hot and great, but I hated the virtual keyboard on the itouch (therefore also not the iphone) and refuse to upgrade until there is a great QWERTY Android smartphone with all the bells and whistles!

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