Sprint Hero update delayed again??

The Sprint Hero has been aching for the Android 2.1 update for sometime now. As with the Droid Eris, the Hero is still stuck on Android 1.5, and from what we’re hearing now, they still may be stuck a little longer.

The latest rumor pegged the Android 2.1 update to hit Sprint Heros in force on May 7th. Someone managed to snap a photo of an internal Best Buy document that does indeed indicate that the Sprint Hero should be receiving the update on the 7th. Sounds believable enough, right? Sure. Unfortunately, we’re one day away from May 7 and we’re now hearing that the Sense-ified Android 2.1 update will be delayed yet again..

On the Sprint community forums, the person who had found the picture posted it in a thread for all to see. Some were excited to see the picture, yet many remained skeptical. Nevertheless, the rumor was snubbed out by Sprint’s forum Admin, who closed the thread, but not before saying,”Closing this thread because I don’t want folks to think that 2.1 is coming out on the 7th.” Well shit. Can these guys get a break already?

I must say, if the Evo 4G launches and the Sprint HTC Hero is still without Android 2.1, I would go into a Sprint store and raise some hell.

But it’s not all Sprint’s fault. HTC is behind the software, and they have recently come out with a public statement apologizing to customers for the delay of Sense UI updates. That’s understandable enough, but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that HTC is taking so long in getting the Android 2.1 OS update rolled out to once-flagship Android phones that most deserve the update.

So, Hero users, how much longer are you willing to wait for your update? Or are you just gonna say screw it and get an Evo 4G instead?

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  • Doug

    So f$%ing sick of waiting.

    I say we start a petition on sprint forums to make HTC get it done this month. This is ridiculous. I bought the phone ONLY knowing it was getting the update sometime. Way to be HTC, way to be. EPIC FAIL.

  • Irritated Customer

    I’m so irritated with this whole thing right now! I don’t ask for much, but I HATE playing games like this. I just have the feeling we’re all getting played for a bunch of fools. All Sprint has to do is come out with an official comment letting the customers know what’s up…but nothing. Leads me to believe they either don’t have the update coming for a while, or they’re going to try to force us to a new phone and scrap our Hero’s so they can make more $$. I’m not buying ****! My money can go elsewhere I don’t care, might try Verizon for a while when contract is up not sure yet, at least they’ve updated their phone already.

  • Erick

    Don’t you people get it yet, HTC and Sprint want you to get rid of your Hero for the Evo, it just makes sense for both company’s to make more money, while we the comsumers waist more of ours! Don’t do it! Stay with the Hero and wait, you’ll be glad you did. The Evo will have it’s own issues.

    • Calvin

      that is not right at all. Sprint doesn't make money off of you getting a new phone. They make money off of you paying your bill every month. And ofcourse HTC wants you to buy a new phone but the features on the evo are enough to sell that phone. They don't have to scam some fools into it. Besides the fact that the only way a hero user is going to get into an EVO is to buy it out right for over $600, since not one person that upgraded for the hero is going to be elligible for the EVO since it has not been out for a year yet. How about you think before you talk.

  • Arty

    I’ll just demand that they move my upgrade up if the Evo is out before 2.1. They did something similar to this for me in the past.

  • Lena

    Hello yes I am still waiting and actually wrote a letter to sprint! Just like a few others did stating if android 2.1 will hit May &th this is what she told me and i told her to not sugar coat or give me the run around I just want a straight up answer:

    Dear Lena Txxxxx,

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I am happy to assist you with HTC Hero
    with 2.1 operating system.

    The wait is almost over! The much anticipated Android 2.1 software
    update is coming in early May! I am unable to provide the fixed date of
    release. So you will find product and pricing details on Sprint.com and
    in promotional information at our retail stores. We encourage you to
    watch news reports or monitor our web site to see if a change in
    availability occurs.

    We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to address your
    concerns. Please reply to this email or visit Sprint.com/mysprint if we
    can be of further assistance.

    Angela S.

    So reading this I was like wait a min are they going to charge us for the update? I swear if they do I am rooting because thats some BS! Please tell me what you think when you read the letter she sent back to me.

  • fresh

    these delays make me wanna get rid of my hero

  • monster

    To be honest I like the hero just the way it is. And if the update never comes then my hero will still work just fine, but if the update does come that would be awesome but I am not holding my breath. Ultimately I plan on buying the evo on launch date and using my hero as a backup just encase my evo dies.

  • Mailbox

    Thinking about going pack to Verizon. yea the data plan is more, but atleast their phones get updates

  • Tom

    Buy an Evo because they’re dragging their feet on updating my Hero? I bought the Hero which became obsolete days after I bought it when the Droid came out with 2.0, shame on me. Sell me the Evo with no upgrade price so I can finally get an Android phone more advanced than the 2 year old G1? Shame on you..

  • @deralaand

    I'm getting an EVO 4G as soon as Sprint/HTC GIVES me one free of charge for screwing me with their Hero update fiasco.

    p.s. connect to the comments before writing your comment…otherwise you might lose 1/2 your comment…thanks Intensedebate!

  • Julian

    How can an Eris or Hero owner get an EVO when Eris and Hero have only been out less than a year. I bought Hero a week before it came in October 09 so I am not due for an upgrade until October of 2010. Even if I wanted the Evo I couldn't get it because I would have to pay full price and I can't pay full price thing may cost $600 for that I'm getting an IPad 3G not another phone that will obsolete in 3 moths when FROYO come out. Android burns its customers in 90 day cycles like Hero, then DROID, the Nexus ONe, then Incredible, then EVO – goodness it's too much. Apple just once a year! Eris owners I know you guys are pissed you can't get the incredible because Eris came out in late October same time as Droid so I know you guys can't upgrade yet. Eris and Hero owners are pretty much experiencing the worst buyers remorse of any cell phone owner right now.

  • exhibitwise

    The hero is almost useless as a phone right now. Mine only rings twice before it goes to voice mail. At this point let the EVO come out before the update, and I will demand they upgrade me to it.

  • alex

    I am not going to get an HTC anything if the EVO 4G comes out before this update. Why should I reward them for sucking? I don't really see how Sprint is to blame for this, other than the fact that they don't have the Droid. The Google update has been around long enough for Motorola to build the Droid. Droid users have been using a similarly priced, yet far superior, phone for months. There is no way HTC is going to overtake Apple if they keep keep their software development in the dark ages. They have a great open-source platform dropped in their lap and they can't manage to load it on their hardware in what…a year?!?! Sorry, that is just a little slow for me.

  • tinman

    Sure, I'll take an Evo. As long as Sprnit gives me full trade in value for my hero.

  • Hero!

    What's the logic here? We've been screwed over by Sprint and/or HTC for months now, and the solution is to spend more money with them for a new phone? No thanks — I've learned my lesson. I'm done with both of them as soon as I can.

  • mike

    Maybe that is the point of the delay, bc of the EVO. It’s also made by HTC…

  • ryan

    I would like to say….really. Htc really Sprint really …u both in my mind suck right now…how is hero still running 1.5…Sprint u are to trying fix customer service maybe. Doing what u say might help…I really wish I had a phone that didn’t crash every two mins….it really can’t take this long to launch an update …the droid…got its update I guess Sprint likes being proved why there third and HTC like getting shown up by all…lets pick it up shall we …

  • Chris

    I wanted the Evo but if Sprint/HTC (whoever of the two is responsible for the delay in the update) waits until Evo is released to update Hero, I won't be getting it

  • sasquatch

    How long will we be stuck with 2.1 on the EVO. Android 3.2 could be out and those of use who bought into the EVO could be stuck yet again by HTC. Hero was the top HTC/Android Phone available when I bought it in the fall. What makes that situation different than the the EVO?

  • Nathaniel

    The Evo is looking pretty sweet right now…

  • htc

    It is Sprint and not (really) HTC’s fault. Sprint has advertised the update on promises made by HTC. If HTC is unable to deliver, Sprint should not have done business with them

  • Joeinpa

    I have had problems with my phone since I purchased it in November. I recommend everyone with a Hero call their state attorney generals office. I have, since I cant receive mms pics. The phone is not doing what it is suppose to do as advertised by Sprint.

  • Mike

    Hopefully, this update cures the late ringer problem. When I hear my phone ringing, I gotta be quick or it goes to VM. My Iphone friends are laughing at me.

  • Jon

    Or you can just do what I did, sell the stupid hero and get a Palm Pre on ebay for 70 dollars. It is way better then the Hero and gets updates constantly. I got fed up with all this will they wont they crap and the slow processor. The Pre is far better, and Android is just plain out a really poorly concived OS.

  • Ivan Kan

    It took about 20 minutes for me to root my phone and flash android 2.1 on my phone! I've never done any rooting or anything before, I just followed online tutorials. It worked and I couldn't be more satisfied, the phone feels like a brand new phone! Everything is snappy and perfect!

  • Hero Man

    i want my 2.1 update for my Sprint Hero already!!!

  • EggoEspada

    They really need to get their stuff together. 2.2 is coming very soon and its about time the other Android phones get to at least 2.1. I just hope all this will be fixed with 2.2 like they're been saying…

  • Pissed Sprint Customer

    Why would I ever buy a phone from HTC? So they can just hold an update over my head until the new model comes out.

  • Jeremy

    Ok, first off, yeah, I'm frustrated too. I've had a Hero for 7 months and have been looking forward to some new apps and features available with 2.1. BUT, here are my real issues (and they don't lie with HTC or Sprint).

    1) We're all so pissy. So some jackass high schooler uses GIMP to doctor a screen shot of an internal memo and says February 17th. and then it comes and goes and we're pissed at Sprint/HTC for delaying again. Then we get pissy because Sprint/HTC won't make an official statement. Pick one. Either get pissed because you think their 'leaked statements' are lies, or that they won't make a statment.

    2) We're too entitled. These are businesses we're dealing with. Their goal is to make money. Why do we feel they owe us the latest and greatest for free to begin with (…think Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Windows, Mac OS.) Even the newest iPhone OS doesn't apply to the 3G (an outdated model). and sadly yes, 7-8 months counts as 'outdated' model.

    3) We're all taking crazy pills. Am I the only one who remembers way back in the day (talking 2 years ago or so) when the concept of 'updating your phone' didn't even make sense. Sure there has always been firmware updates, but we need to stop talking like there is a real precedence here when it comes to how companies update the software on phones.

    So again, I'm mad that i don't have the update yet, but only in the same way that I'll be mad if the Red Wings lose this game tonight.

    You bought the phone you bought, you knew it would be outdated within 12 months. So yeah, we should get the update, i'm sure we will, but lets stop talking like Sprint/HTC is the axis of evil because we don't have it yet.

  • hadesto

    This certainly leaves a lot to be desired. But I actually think what all of this entails is actually worse. The fact that there are rooted versions of the Hero running on 2.1 certainly says that the upgrade is doable. My main concern is not even this, though. Seeing how FroYo (android 2.2) is just around the corner this tells me even the EVO is going to be coming out on OLD software. Now, don't get me wrong, I get that this is the nature of the monster. Technology is constantly evolving and by no means am I saying Google should slow down releases or anything of sorts. What I'm saying is that what's to say that what happened with the hero will not happen to the EVO or other future phones ? Sprint offering Android is a great strategy to attract customers. But if they can't provide customer support on a timely manner (a.k.a. OS upgrades among others) then it's their head on the chopping block. HTC will continue to sell units. But if Sprint can't get its act together, then then it's customer base is bound to continue eroding. Sure, new technologies and gadgets get you new customers. But it's service that promotes brand loyalty.

    • @TheCentauress

      Well, coming out with 'old' 2.1 when there's 'new' 2.2 is a hell of a lot better than coming out with 'old'1.5 when there's 'new' 2.0!

      Other than that little tidbit, I'm with you the entire way on your comment.

  • David

    If the Hero does not get Android 2.1 before the EVO comes out I will personally see to it that HTC looses numerous customers. I have zero tolerance for companies that refuse to take proper care of their existing customers! HTC should be ashamed of themselves.

  • bmu

    I bought the hero, also, under the assumption it would be updated with 1.6, or 2.0, or 2.1 soon after i bought it in november. I'm just going to wait and get the next iphone, even though at&t's service sucks. At least apple can come out with updates in a timely manner.

  • The Game

    i will not be purchasing any new phone. i paid $400 for the dam hero phone. It became obsolete in less than 3 months. whats the point of buying another phone, then having to spend more money to keep up with upgrades. im staying with the hero, and not spending a dime anymore on phones! and thats saying alot, because im addicted to having the best phone always, but im not playing into this money scam any longer. no thanks sprint and or htc, very dissapointed.

  • Ivan Drago

    HTC are loosing customers due to delays on there devices. If you cant bring an update out for a device ON-TIME. Why say it at all. High Tech Computers!!! Poof!!!! High Tech Crap more like….. Completely Dissatisfied!!!!! I Loved This HTC Hero….. And Still Do… but for many people checking on google to see when the device is due for upgrade. they are only disappointed every time they check to find it will be out Next month. and the month later!!! SORT IT OUT HTC!!! Otherwise the I-Phone will be the Choice!!!

  • Cnith

    Hero update was a HUGE mistake!! I hate it!! I liked the Hero perfectly fine before. The update comes and it gets all fucked up! RUINED my phone!!!

    I get a new one, it’s fucked up too but I have no choice. ALL Hero’s come with the upgrade now.

    Y’all be careful what you wish for!!!! I hate you all for wanting this…

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