Has HP revived Palm’s mothballed webOS tablet?

Palm may have failed to capture consumers’ attention with their webOS mobile before company resources started becoming scarce, but there’s no denying that twas touch-happy mobile operating system was the closest thing to an iPad killer available today. That is, until now. Rumors have Palm’s new parent company, HP, developing a tablet device – codenamed “Hurricane” – that runs on the same mobile operating system underpinning Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi, and Pixi Plus!

Apple may have been without a serious iPad competitor since its launch early this year. To Apple’s benefit, Palm didn’t have the money to pursue a webOS-powered tablet. But, now that the company is flush in cash from HP, rumors indicate the two are working on a slate-style touchscreen device of their own. According to insiders “familiar with the matter,” HP has apparently resurrected e webOS-powered tablet project that Palm was forced to mothball when the company’s money well started to run dry.

The ball started rolling on the Hurricane project with the HP-Palm acquisition deal. When HP announced that it would gobble up Palm in whole to the tune of $1.2 billion, it did two things: it gave HP access to all of Palm’s intellectual property (patents and such) and it gave Palm the money it needed to have a fighting chance in the smartphone market. Rumors of some sort of mobile-focused tablet hint at the fruit of this new corporate marriage blooming early.

Palm was reportedly already hard at work on their own webOS tablet. HP recently canned their Windows 7 tablet, known as the Slate. Now, it seems that the two companies are using their once competing tablet projects to ward off the market share advances made by Apple. With their powers combined, Apple could have a serious iPad competitor looming on the horizon – the kind of competition that few Android tablets could hope to match in terms of the user experience.

The rumor is still unconfirmed, but we’re told that “Hurricane” launch goals are set for later this year. If things go according to plan, we could see the HP webOS tablet on market by Q3 2010.

So, then, the million (or more like multi-million) dollar question is this: would you buy a webOS tablet as an alternative to the iPad?

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  • Guest

    Absolutely! WebOS is the easiest to use multi-tasking touch OS

  • non

    I hope something comes to market.

    My fear? When projects like this combine, often times what should have been the loser becomes the winner and we'll end up with the worst parts of the Windows 7 UI and hardware.

  • randygrenier

    I hope it succeeds. webOS is fantastic on the Palm Pre phone. It is so well designed and thought out. Maybe HP can get more people to look at webOS. However, I fear the marketing machinery from Apple will try to kill it. Yes, I will definitely buy one.

  • vara411

    Absolutely. iPad is nothing but a big iPod Touch. Having owned a Palm Pre I'm keenly aware of the capabilities of webOS. The platform did not succeed for a variety of reasons, but NONE of those reasons were because of the OS itself: THAT was rock-solid.

    I'd highly recommend folks give a webOS tablet a hard look before handing their money over to Apple.

    • Roxy

      Agreed. WebOS was built from the ground up to pull together web info from different sources. To have this manifested in a tablet would be a clear win for HP. Palm was too focused on creating the Pre without any idea how they were going to market it which was after seeing the gawd awful commercials was a ridiculous mistake they shouldn't have made. What were they thinking? They got a lot of buzz but the wrong kind of word of mouth. Here's hoping HP has some sense and show more practical ads. Looking forward to the HP incarnation of their new tablet.

    • 121324353?.);

      Your a retard I am writing this from my iPad and it's better that any hp slate… And if you think that pic is a slate it's not it's just a IPAD with a HP symbol on it!

  • Sweat Studio

    I definitely would! WebOS is still the champion of mobile operating systems!

  • Scroumptatiously

    Count me in! WebOS is great, and we need some competition with Apple.

  • ckjordan

    i nee one without frame, just LCD

  • Mproject

    they say the battle has already been won by iphone os and android based tablets and that HP is too late funny how everyone forgets Google is not pushing Android in the tablet or net book realm Chrome OS is still not out and nothing like WebOS, so sign me up HP!

  • Remon

    I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  • PHil

    I really like Apple products, but I have not seen ANY mobile OS as slick as Palm's WebOS. It's truly a beautiful thing, with a seamless user interface that "takes you where you want to go" Seriously, just pick up a Palm Pre and use it for a few days and then see if you're tempted to buy an iPhone, or even go back to your iPhone. Sure, the iPhone has a ton of apps, but so what? I think this is ironic, because when the PC battles were happening between MSFT and Apple, MSFT fanboys were always bragging about "all the apps that we have on the Windows platform". The stock (and effective) answer to that question was "who uses 50,000 apps?". So, turnaround is fir play. Who uses even a tiny fraction of the apps that run in the Apple environment. Palm and Android have most of the essential apps that anyone could ever need. Apps are almost commodities now – like who cares if you can access 140,000 apps? Really? Again, I love Apple products, and I had a chance to have an iPhone paid for by my company. I still have my Palm Pre, and LOVE it. btw, aside from all the other stuff, the Pre fits into my hand SO much better than the brick that Apple and Andriod phones represent. Seriously, try our the Pre. I can't wait to see what a WebOS tablet looks like

    • david kositsky

      I agree with you RE web OS it is the best operating mobile system out there. I believe it will make the best OS for a capable tablet. However, I think that it would be nice to have apps readily available for the device. I see al sorts of apps that are out for the iPhone and not offered for the pre all the time. To be successful in this market HP will have to have way more apps ready so at launch there will be a full stable of innovative apps for its hurricane.
      That said it needs to have great battery life( 10 hours is now the bar), capable hardware; a good keyboard accessory and apps that will make this not just a leisure machine but a computer with the ability to do real work on. if they can produce this kind of product with the web os on it HP will have a hit on their hands how about a fast multi core snapdragon device to drive this baby?

  • anji

    Well!!!!!! I love my palm pixi right now!!! i cant wait till the hurricane comes out!!! if it comes out!!!?????????????????????????????????????????? i just love how webOS is so easy and user friendly! i dont really like apple too much because of all of their advertising!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • user77

    currently using palm pre plus on att, im loving it. ATT network is fine. I'm getting good reception and good 3g in buildings. People who complain about att network is due to their location and data drain from heavy users.

    Anyhow, I can't wait to see HP webos tablet. If its anything like palm pre, i'll pick one on launch date.

    I had a chance to get a iphone 4, but i chose the pre plus instead because I dont like iOS one bit. If only webOS was on Apple's hardware…yeah yeah, i admit, apple makes great looking smartphones.

    Please HP, makes a tablet with Glass front like apple's products. Don't use cheap materials please. The reason why people buy apple's products because Apple use quality materials in their products

  • @jpdl_us

    Havent used WebOS much at all, no pre or pixi on t-mobile.
    However, if HP does release a tablet later this year, i would pick one up.
    Been wanting a tablet, and as much as I like my ipod touch, i wouldnt shell out that kind of money for an ipad.
    There are a lot of nice looking android tablets coming out, and i almost bought one, but glad I didnt do it yet.

    I would, however, take a very close look at anything HP branded, it be a close competition between that and the android unit that samsung is rumored to be putting out around the same time.

  • user111

    I'm buying 1 for sure! count me in. I love my palm pre plus(hardware sucks though). Hp, make a nice, attractive device with webOS and ill be your 1st customer. Also make the touchscreen out of glass. I think Glass makes a better touch panel than plastic, as proven by iphone and ipad(dont want or dont like either of them because I don't like iOS but i love their design and hardware though).

  • Oliviagracemansfield

    I would definitely by a webOS tablet over an ipad. I have a palm pre and love it’s usability. The fact that one cannot have more than one application open on an ipad is astoundingly stupid to me. Aren’t ipads for busy multi-taskers? I hope this rumor is true!

  • Been wanting a tablet, and as much as I like my ipod touch, i wouldnt shell out that kind of money for an ipad.
    There are a lot of nice looking android tablets coming out, and i almost bought one, but glad I didnt do it yet.

  • I Can’t say anything….amazing

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