Live: Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G launch event

We’re here in NYC for Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G launch event. Stay tuned.

Sprint’s Dan Hesse takes the stage.

June 4th is the release date. $199.99 is the price. That got some applause

Sprint lit up a local 4G WiMAX network in NYC for this event. We’re posting right now on Sprint’s 4G network.

Sprint and Disney are teaming up to push the EVO 4G. We’ll be previewing Prince Of Persia in about an hour. Thanks, Sprint!

Talking about the EVO 4G’s 4.3-inch display, the 8-megapixel camera, the HD video recording, and the possibilities for consuming Disney content on the Evo 4G.

“Given our studio’s longstanding relationship with Jerry Bruckheimer, we’re proud to give you all a preview of this Summer’s upcoming Prince of Persia blockbuster.”

Talking more about Bruckheimer.

Watching a Jerry Bruckheimer movie montage. Kind of cheesy.

Time for another Evo 4G demo. This is probably going to be a lot like what we say at CTIA Las Vegas.

Showing off YouTube HQ on the Evo 4G.

Oh snap, comparing to Verizon’s Motorola Droid.

Double snap! The Droid just failed to load the video. Back in action now. That was fortunate for Sprint and HTC.

Now showing the HTC Evo 4G streaming YouTube HQ

Playing an upcoming Bruckheimer movie on the Evo.

Talking about the Evo 4G’s 8-megapixel camera. Has the ability to record 720p HD video and then share to a big TV through the built-in HDMI port.

Will have a docking station accessory available at launch. Just pop Evo into dock and start streaming to TV. Cool.

Now they claim that they can do simultaneous voice and data, only because it’s using WiMAX for data and CDMA for voice. Won’t be possible in non-4G markets.

Demo of simultaneous voice and data right now. Staged phone call. Cheesy, but effective.

Using Google Goggles while talking to a “friend” on the phone. Successful demo.

Showing off pinch zooming and Flash content. Nice dig at Apple and iPhone!

“Why Kevin, we never figured out how to get there.”

“That’s fine, let’s use the Layar augmented reality browser to figure out our location with GPS and find a nearby subway station”

I’d like some wine with all this cheese.

Demonstrating Layar for finding a subway station.

Showing off gaming on the Evo now. The huge screen looks awesome for games!

“The way games were meant to be played… on this huge screen”

Showing off car dock accessory.

Showing off the Evo 4G’s Mobile Hotspot feature. Demonstrating 4G WiFi speeds on an iPad. Talking smack on AT&T connectivity in NYC. Zing!

The Evo’s front-facing camera can be used to video chat, and Sprint will be launching two-way video chat with the Evo 4G.

Demonstrating video chatting live on stage. There are issues. Not good for a live demo.

Qik is a partner for video chat for Sprint.

Looks like they’re giving up on the video chat demo. That’s how live demos go!

We get to play with Evo 4G’s now.

  • javier gregson

    glad about a confirmed 199 price

  • Nate

    Keep up the great coverage! Thanks!

  • JohnB

    thanks for the coverage…the only live coverage I've come across from all the various blog sites

  • ~@~

    does it do international sim cards?

    • Glamourus

      good question i hope so

    • cary

      NO! It's a CDMA phone for Sprint. GSM phones have sim cards. This phone DOES NOT have a sim slot for international use.

  • rick

    Thanks for the live info.. much appreciated!

  • finndo

    thank good golly someone did aplay by play, not much info here though, but only website with a play by play presentation… FYI you need to update your watch!! you are in eastern time now and off by 3 hours!

  • Travis

    please tell me there is video available.

    • Will Park

      Video is on it’s way!

  • impaler

    I want.

    • dennis

      hey do u happen to know what the pricing is?

  • dario

    I do not live in a 4g market so the $10 mandatory 4g fee is disappointing. I don't think people like to get charged for services or features that are not available to therm. The argument that this device would result in greater data use doesn't hold. That's what the data plan is for. I am an At&t customer and have been considering switching, this gives me pause to reconsider. There are more quality androids out there and coming, such as the desire and the galaxy s. I hope Sprint will reconsider. This could be the device to set them apart if they handle it right.

  • Shane

    Are you really complaining about an $80 unlimited plan, Dario? T-Mobile might be right for you. Good luck with that coverage and any hopes of having 4G in the next 5 years.

  • caca

    i already pre ordered

  • fffff

    i need this monster!!!! when it will be available WORLD WIDE?

  • dhruv

    does this monster phone will be able to get with the sim card facility? i want this phone to be in at&t so i can upgrade my shit to this monster world!

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