MIR PSA: Sprint HTC EVO 4G on sale for $200 sans mail-in rebate at Best Buy

For those of you seriously considering pulling the trigger on the upcoming Sprint EVO 4G, here’s a little Public Service Announcement that will save you the headache of having to deal with the $100 mail-in rebate that lowers the purchase price of the HTC EVO 4G down to the now-standard $200 price point. As we’ve mentioned previously, if you get your EVO from Best Buy, the big box retailer will handle all the MIR hassle for you. That means Best Buy will sell you an EVO 4G for $200 straight-up – compared to paying an extra $100 in a Sprint store and having to wait for a $100 rebate check to hit your snail-mailbox.

Even if you don’t consider a mail-in rebate a hassle – although, you’d be the outlier here – it just makes sense to grab the Android-powered EVO from Best Buy. You can either pre-order the handset or walk into the store on launch day and take advantage of not having to shell out an additional C-note to put this year’s hottest Android phone in your pocket. We think that’s a big deal.

This concludes our MIR PSA. Find more Sprint HTC EVO 4G coverage here, here, here and here. Also, check out the handset’s 2-way video call demo here.

  • Koven

    I pre ordered myn yesterday at Best Buy. Really easy and fast, shell out a down payment of $50 and your a lot closer to getting this top of the line phone! I have the HTC touch pro right now and I am ready to do a a celebration touchdown spike with this piece of junk.

    • xdfnxgfn

      If your current HTC is junk, why would you buy another one?

  • Ryan

    Radio Shack also provides the same service. It might be easier to get to a Radio Shack than a Best Buy.

    • Daniel

      Plus Radio Shack has a trade in program, they are buying back my Palm Pre for $100, I’m only paying $99 for my Evo. My girlfriend is trading in here Iphone 3g, they are paying her $170 for it, $20 Evo is super sweet. plus they are giving a $20 gift card for pre-ordering.

      • Luis G

        wut are you going to be using till the meantime? Or can you trade it the day you get it?

    • Ralph

      Do not buy from Radio Shack. They have completely different terms of purchase than does Sprint. From the Radio Shack website:

      Your phone purchase price was reduced by an Equipment Discount of $200 ($300 for PDA’s/smart phones). By accepting this price reduction, you agreed to repay this discount if, during the 181 days after your new equipment is activated, you:

      Fail to pay your balance due to your carrier each month
      Disconnect this line of service
      Transfer this equipment to another line of service
      Change your carrier service rate plan to a lower monthly service rate plan
      Deactivate the email/data feature if one was required at the point of purchase
      Transfer/port an existing phone number from another account if this is a new line of service
      Replace an existing account with this account if this is a new line of service
      Return or exchange your phone and it is not in its original, new condition with no more than 30 minutes of usage

  • Mommymd

    I also did a pre-order @ Radio Shack today – no line, no parking probs – AND – when you pre-order @ Radio Shack, here's the extras you get: 1)it's done w/a $50 gift card, 2)use the receipt from the gift card (puchased as a deposit) to go online to take a quick survey and instantly print out a $10 off coupon good towards your next $40 purchase (great for the Evo accessories!), -PLUS- 3) you get a $20 gift card as a bonus from the Shack to use when you pick up your new Evo! I like Best buy, but this is a Better Buy!!! (:-D)

  • tony

    i preordered from the shack too, and now they giving $20 for accessories and $10 off just for doing a customer survey with them… pretty good deal, im selling my hero for $200 too so im not coming anything out of pocket

  • Michael Fedorsha

    why when anyone order it from Best Buy when Radio Shack gives you a twenty dollar gift card and they also do the instore rebate as well. Also cause Radio Shack never seems to have customers when im in there, there will be no waiting in line for the EVO.

  • Mr. J

    I ordered mine from Radio Shack. Great Move! Instant rebate , no waiting, and very knowledgeable on the situation. The shack offered to buy back my Blackberry 8330 for $25.00 not very much but hey, it's better than nothing. June 4th is the day!

  • Ralph

    Do NOT but from Best Buy! They do not know how to use the phones. They do not set up all the features. They do not transfer your address books. They do not add discounts to the plans. They push their insurance rather than the insurance offered through Sprint, which is much better. They bascially screw up your account, and then when you go back to get it fixed, they say "sorry!"..can't do anything about it. Go somewhere else. And don't get me started on their awful return policy.

    • Patrick

      30 day return policy is awful? No mail rebates, they also allow you to trade in. Their insurance covers everything except loss or theft and if you expect to lose one of these phones then you should tell them and they will get you the sprint insurance. No deductible on the insurance as well and you get a new phone not a refurb. They also transfer all contacts and can add features or what ever to your account. I'm sorry if you had a bad experience but don't assume all best buys are this way.

    • Mike

      Actually, I got a $50 Best Buy gift card when I pre-ordered my EVO from Best Buy last night, and like Will mentioned you don't have to worry about the mail in rebate when you buy from Best Buy… All in all I don't think it's a bad deal, plus you could probably get way more for your phone on ebay than you ever could with a trade in with Radio Shack (I personally plan on selling my CLIQ on ebay, providing I like the phone and Sprint's service enough to keep it before the 30 day trial is over).

      I bought my first phone from Best Buy years ago btw, and while the experience was less than stelar (as I remember it), as I now understand it buying from Best By now is more pleasant experience. I'm game…

  • dee

    can i order mine even wit bad credit because the lady said i have to pay 400 now at best buy and thats no freakin way i am paying that

  • Big Balls

    I am wondering if you will be able to put Android 2.2 on the EVO when 2.2 comes out? Like will there be an upgrade download out there?

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