Windows Phone 7 ROM leaks, HTC Windows Phone codenamed ‘Mondrian’ breaks cover

With Microsoft barreling down the product pipeline to meet their Windows Phone 7 launch window, set for later this year, it’s not too surprising to see the first WP7 ROM leak out to the web. We’ve already had plenty of time to play with Microsoft’s completely revamped mobile operating system, and that takes a bit of the bite out of this ROM leak. But, we do learn some juicy info. Hidden in the ROM is a mention of what is likely to be the first Windows Phone 7 smartphone, made by none other than HTC. It’s called the HTC “Mondrian” and it’s sort of a tribute to the WP7 Metro UI.

We can’t wait for the Windows Phone 7 platform to go live in the second half of this year, and it looks like HTC feels the same way. The smartphone maker is no doubt already working on a WP7 handset. How do we know this? The leaked ROM makes reference to an as yet unannounced handset, and it’s called the HTC Mondrian.

This is what the ROM file info shows:

Model: HTC Mondrian (Cingular USA)
AKU: WindowsMobile_7_AKU_6176
Language: 0409_WWE

It’s no surprise that HTC is in board as one if, and most likely The, inaugural WP7 phone. What is surprising is the company’s tongue-in-cheek tribute to Microsoft’s art inspired Metro UI. We’re talking, of course, about the “Mondrian” codenamed. As any student of art should know, Pieter Mondrian was a Dutch artist known for his rectangular block paintings. Notice any similarities between his painting and the Mtero UI?

We should also note that the new pair of KIN phones feature a user interface not too unlike the Metro UI. In fact, Microsoft confirmed that many of the same OS components that run Windows Phone 7 are shared in KIN. So, it makes sense that the two platforms would have similar “looks” and “feels” to them.

What’s next? With any luck, an HTC WP7 leak leak. Bring on the Mondrian!

[Via: WMExperts]

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