T-Mobile: To Pearl 3G or Not to Pearl 3G, That is the Question

Pearl 3G NOT Coming to T-Mobile?Some interesting developments on the Pearl 3G came to light recently. While all major carriers in Canada have confirmed they will pack the 9100, carriers in the United States haven’t been as forthcoming with their plans. One can only assume that at least ONE major player will have the 3G on-board shortly, but from some new information via BerryReview, that one carrier may NOT be T-Mobile.

According to the report, T-Mobile could pass on the Pearl 3G in light of a new 3G Curve release that they want to nail. Really? REALLY T-Mobile? I find that hard to believe. The original Pearl series was a great success for them (and others), and I can’t see them turning their back on the latest-and-greatest in the Pearl line. Doesn’t make sense to me whatsoever.

Chalk this up as rumor for now. Whatever the case happens to be, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from T-Mobile and the other major U.S. carriers regarding the Pearl 3G in the very near future. I think it’s going to be a hit, and for any carrier to turn it down would be… well, let’s just say it’d be foolish.

As a quick refresher, the new 9100 features the following:

  • 3G
  • Optical trackpad
  • SureType
  • WiFi (802.11 b/g/n enabled)
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Tethered modem
  • Hi-res 360×400 display
  • 3.2 mega pixel camera with auto focus, flash, 2.5x digital zoom and video recording
  • 1150 mAHr battery
  • 256MB internal flash memory, expandable to 32GB via microSD
  • Weighs-in at 3.3 ounces (93 grams)

A solid feature-set, for sure. But the question remains (for me, anyway), will you be pissed if T-Mobile devices to pass on the latest Pearl in favor of a new 3G Curve device? Frankly, whether I was a T-Mobile customer or not is irrelevant to me. I’d like to see the new Pearl stocked by as many carriers as possible. It’s going to be a winner, and it’s great to have choice as to where you throw your monthly dollars. We’ll see how this one turns out.

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