HTC EVO 4G unboxing and initial impressions

We just took possession of our very own Sprint HTC EVO 4G Android smartphone, and we couldn’t wait to get this hot handset out of the box and how you what it looks like in its retail packaging. As we saw previously, the HTC EVO 4G is packaged in a post-consumer cardboard box that reminds us of an egg crate. But, instead of eggs, we find inside the 4.3-inch screen on the baddest Android phone of the year. With Android 2.1 OS running the show and multimedia chops coming out the wazoo HDMI port, the EVO 4G is clearly a leader in the Android space at the moment, especially considering that the EVO is America’s very first 4G WiMAX phone.

The handset sports a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen at WVGA resolution, 8-megapixel camera (with dual-LED flash), a front-facing video-call camera, 3G data, 4G data (!), WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, microSD card, HDMI port, movie-watching kickstand, and 2-way video chat. When in a WiMAX market, the EVO 4G will actually be capable of ferrying voice and data over the network at the same time (voice goes through the Rev. A network, while data goes over the WiMAX network). Qik exclusively partnered with HTC and Sprint to bring 2-way video calls to the handset.

With that massive screen and aluminum casing, the EVO is not a lightweight smartphone. But, that works to its benefit. The heft actually give the EVO a bit of stability in the hand – and makes it more comfortable at the same time. It’s not a device for small hands, but if you’ve got the palm real estate, it’s one helluva device!

Take a look at the unboxing and let us know if you’re planning to pick one up on June 4th from Sprint for $199.99 with new 2-year contract!

  • Tone

    Very Eco friendly I'm jealous I want to give up my iphone for this!

  • McElroy


  • Salam Zebian

    Lol I called the number on the sticky note on one of the pics, just to see how the sound quality would be on my end of listening to the phone. Not bad, if that was an evo that picked up on the other end. I pretended to be wanting to buy the phone from a craigslist listing and didn't expect there to actually be one, so the guy gave me some email, and I tried emailing that person to buy his evo but the email didn't work. Maybe I spelled it wrong: Lol after the call I realized he's probably on the West coast and I probably woke him up (11:00 here, 9:00 sunday morning there. Now I feel bad)

  • Jonny 5

    First thank you for the review, cool beans! Nice to see this device ahead of ship, and appreciate your effort.

    Take this for what it's worth: Overhead lights, windows and other elements of the ambient space being reflected in the screen; rapid and incessant hand movement – I had to scroll your video out of the window and listen to the verbal review. I found the video part unwatchable. A few suggestions:

    – Hang a sheet(s) behind the filming area and light upwards to provide a uniform non distracting background

    – Slow down the hand movements – caress the object, don't fling it around like a cat teasing its prey.

    – Set your camera on a tripod for even more stability

    – Always film at a slight angle to keep your face and your equipment out of the reflection of the object you are filming

    Thanks again for reviewing 🙂

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