Gowalla for Android Updated with Photo Sharing, Comments, and More

After adding some more basic features, like spot search and events, Gowalla’s social location app for Android has filled a few more holes, like uploading photos from your phone’s camera to corresponding spots and leaving comments for spots. You can also browse recommended trips and bookmarked spots, as well as manage friend requests through the app now. Some of those are especially core functions that I’ve been using on Foursquare for awhile now, but the picture uploading is pretty dang cool.

Gowalla is one of a growing number of check-in style mobile apps that allow you to set and share your location with friends and reap particular rewards. Gowalla rewards its users with virtual item which they can collect and leave and spots (kind of like a geocache), badges for completing challenges, and signature badges for high-profile locations.  Foursquare is still the pioneer in this kind of thing, but Facebook and Twitter are thinking of allowing users to check in to places on their respective social networks – it won’t be long until every bit of data we transmit is geotagged.

You can find download links for Gowalla 2.0 on Android and a bunch of other platforms below. Just not for BlackBerry. Bah.

[via Gowalla]

Download Gowalla for Android (Free) [Market Link]

appstorebadge Gowalla for iPhone Adds Spot Search, Friend Sorting  By Location Download Gowalla for iPhone (Free) [iTunes Link]

Download Gowalla for webOS (Free) [Catalog Link]

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