Finland: Saunalahti introduces new prepaid data plans [unlimited data only 19.80 EUR/month]

This July I’m going to be celebrating my 3rd year in Finland. To say it’s been a roller coaster would be an understatement. One thing this country has taught me, besides how to put away a 700 mL bottle of vodka in less than 60 minutes, is how customer-operator relationships should work. Earlier this year, in January, I left Finland to escape the deathly grip of darkness that plagues this country, thinking I wouldn’t return, but I ended up lasting less than 2 months before I came crawling back to brutal winters, rye bread so hard that it’ll make your gums bleed and tall, gorgeous, skinny women.

Getting setup once I landed at Helsinki-Vantaa airport was a snap. After I got out of the plane, and strolled through customs, I went to the convenience store located by the baggage check-in area picked up a can of Red Bull plus a SIM card for less than 10 EUR. My operator of choice? Saunalahti. For people who are data intensive users, there’s no other operator who offers what they do for prepaid customers.

Until recently their rates were as follows: 1.50 EUR per megabyte, but with a cap of 1.90 EUR per day. In essence you could download as much as you want for less than 2 EUR per day. If you wanted to save some money, after all 1.90 EUR x 30 days = 57 EUR, you could send the text message “DATA7” to 15020 and get unlimited data for 7 days for only 6.90 EUR. This is what I’ve been using since first arriving in July 2007.

Less than an hour ago, while grocery shopping, I received an SMS from Saunalahti informing me of two new packages. If I wanted unlimited data for 31 days, but with my speed capped at 1 megabit per second, all I have to do is text “DATAMEGA” to 15020; total cost = 19.80 EUR. If I wanted unlimited data for 31 days, with no speed restrictions, then I should text “DATA31” to 15020 and it’ll cost me 29.80 EUR. I’ve hit over 3 megabits per second on the unlimited weekly plan, so it’s basically 10 EUR more for triple the performance. Since I mainly use mobile optimized websites I’m going to be using “DATAMEGA” from now on and saving around 10 EUR per month on my mobile phone bill.

Oh and in case you’re wondering how much minutes and texts costs with Saunalahti: 0.066 EUR per minute and 0.066 EUR per SMS or MMS sent, free incoming SMS and fone calls.

This is how prepaid pricing should work. Everywhere.

[More Information: Google Translate: Saunalahti Prepaid Mobile Broadband Prices]

  • Lee

    O2 in the UK do unlimited data on prepaid phones for £10 a month top up, that also gets you 300 free text messages

  • Rami Alisawi

    I was using DATA7 for a year now , but wait a second, there is a very stupid package ! what's wrong with those people !!! look here

    Kuukausipaketti 2 (max. 4 Mbit/s.) hintaan 29,80 €/31 vrk : DATA31
    Viikkopaketti (max. 4 Mbit/s.) hintaan 6,90 € / 7 vrk : DATA7

    so if you pay with DATA7 for 4 times means (7 days *4 = 28 day) that is : 6,9 e* 4 = 27,6 e = 28 e

    now, do you feel stupid when you see the package DATA31 !!! which is a bit more expensive!!!

    DATA31 is useless !!!

    DATAMEGA is same as the postpaid subscribtion, could be found here:

    Mobiililaajakaista 384 max. 384 kbit/s 4,90 €/kk
    (voim. 24 kk, norm. 9,80 €/kk)
    Mobiililaajakaista 512 max. 512 kbit/s 14,80 €/kk
    Mobiililaajakaista 1M max. 1 Mbit/s 19,80 €/kk
    Mobiililaajakaista 2M max. 2 Mbit/s 29,80 €/kk
    Mobiililaajakaista Nopsa rajoittamaton
    jopa 15 Mbit/s 13,90 €/kk

    • @cybette

      DATA31 is for 31 days, not 28, so it's not more expensive than DATA7, it's about the same. Plus you only need to send the code once a month instead of once a week. There is no savings, but it's not useless or stupid either to go with DATA31.

  • josesxi

    Meh, I get unlimited data for $5.99 a month on T-mobile USA, and my 3G is faster:

  • josesxi

    Fix my link dude, don't be such an ass.

  • Snidely

    Stefan – this is even a better deal that my buddies at Elisa sent over. It's basically a two year contract for €20/month, but they it drops to €5 per month for unlimited data.

    That’s not the best deal from Saunalahti, check this out (although it’s in Finnish):

    First 24 months: For the price of 19,90€/month you’ll get:
    – HTC Desire (Excellent device!)
    – 3000 min/month à calls to Elisa/Saunalahti/Kolumbus
    – 100 min/month à calls to other networks
    – unlimited ‘Mobile Internet’ (no speed restrictions)

    After 24 months: For the price of 4,90€/month you’ll get:
    – HTC Desire (it’s already yours J)
    – still 3000 min/month à calls to Elisa/Saunalahti/Kolumbus
    – You’ll pay 0,069€/min for calls to other networks
    – unlimited ‘Mobile Internet’ (no speed restrictions)

  • Miguel

    I am visiting Finland tris summer. I’d like to get a microsim for my iPad for a couple of weeks. Any ideas on what could I ask for?


  • Anton

    no microsims in Finland yet, as iPhone 4 and iPad are not yet being sold here. BUT scissors or a microsim cutter would do. i myself use iPhone 4 bought in France with a Saunalahti card. Tervetuloa Suomeen!

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