Palm Hosting San Francisco PDK Party During WWDC 2010

Palm Hosting PDK Party During WWDC 2010One has to at the very least give Palm credit for the timing on this. Palm has posted (via the Developer Center) that they will host a ‘San Francisco PDK Party’ on June 9th from 6PM to 9PM:

Palm and Appcelerator invite you to a co-hosted night of networking. Enjoy hot food and cold drinks on us. Mix it up with your fellow developers, check out our demos, or watch video turntablist Mike Relm take you on a trip through sight and sound. Don’t miss this fun event—and a chance to hear about porting your apps with the Palm® webOS™ PDK.  111 Minna Gallery is located just blocks from Moscone West.

The timing for this event is no accident. With WWDC 2010 going on June 7th to 11th, Palm is no doubt looking to cash in on the throng of app developers making their way to the city. Over drinks and appetizers, Palm no doubt wants to make it known that porting an iPhone app to webOS is easy… in fact, iPhone apps can be ported to the PDK within days. Not bad. Only question for me (if I was an iPhone dev) would be if I really care or not. I’m not sure I do.

At any rate, if you’re an iPhone dev or webOS developer and are going to be in the San Francisco area for WWDC, this party may be worth your time. To lock-in your spot hit up

[Via: PreCentral]

  • John Wilker

    Wonder if they learned from last years party. The one where they had 1 device, and the room was full of marketers collecting biz cards from devs…

    If they want iPhone devs to be interested, send them all home with a pre plus to play with. At least then the barrier of "well I don't have a pre, why would I develop for it" is removed.

    Palm needs to figure out developers, fast. well I guess HP does now, right?

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